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Youtube is chock full of channels featuring travel videos. I wade through the digital detritus to bring a small sampling for your viewing pleasure.

GoGalavanting The gals at GoGalavanting offer up well edited travel videos and tips for savvy backpackers.

Overlander Mark Shea, aka The Overlander, does all filming and editing for this solid travel video series. And it plays in HD, always a bonus!

LonelyPlanet The official site of Lonely Planet produces and features a variety of high quality travel videos. With 124 videos and counting LP offers up hours of YouTube goodness.

Travelvideo Travel Video PostCard showcases short “postcards” from around the world. Each video is around one minute long and with 222 videos available, they are perfect for quick travel video snacking.

Travelfilmarchive Travel back in Time with The Travel Film Archive, a collection of travelogues and educational and industrial films that portray the world between 1900 and 1970.

Irishpolyglot Matador’s own Benny Lewis serves up videos from his world travels. From Benny’s channel: “I’ve been traveling the world for 6 years trying to learn about its languages and cultures and I’d like to share some of my experiences…”

Tripfilms Tripfilms is a great channel that showcases travel videos uploaded by their community of travel filmmakers.

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Feature Photo Courtesy of Mark Shea

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Joshywashington is a Travel Media Ninja from Seattle who enjoys writing, climbing trees and strong coffee.

  • Christine

    I’m wondering how long it takes Irishpolyglot to get through security with putting all those techno gadgets in his pants/coat/wherever else he can fit them! ;)

    • Josh Johnson

      Kinda what I was thinking, I get the wand and the stink eye every time just wearing flip flips and swim trunks!

  • Benny the Irish polyglot

    I have it down to an art ;) I can remove all items from my pockets / tucked into my trousers and tops in 20 seconds flat!! I put most of it under my jacket and do it so artfully that the jacket container seems like an entire bag in the x-ray machine, so the security guys don’t care. Actually they don’t care about weight limits etc. anyway, they are just looking for liquids and dangerous items.

    I actually bring way more than I show in that video and have so many other tricks. I will be sharing them asap :) I will have to be clearer about getting through security and the “uncomfortable flight” of wearing everything (which I don’t) since I get asked that a lot.

    It’s weird; I never “really” needed to do it since my hand-luggage has never been weighed after check-in (technically you could leave stuff with a friend for a few minutes and stuff it in after the airline weighs it), but last time I flew with Ryanair they enforced the ONE BAG ONLY rule (that must be a certain size) as we were boarding the plane and I had bought some stuff in duty free (they said duty free items must fit in your one bag!!)

    Luckily I pulled out my emergency tricks that I’ll share later and got everything through no problem :) Sadly some other passengers weren’t so lucky… they are getting more strict! Watch my channel (or videoblog for a more detailed video probably at the end of the summer!

    I’m focussing on making 3-minute quick language learning videos this summer first :) Coming up within a week or two; how to learn Italian the Irishpolyglot way :P

  • Elaine

    Hey, thanks for the tips on Youtube; I’ve been editing this website of travel videos from all over the web (not just Youtube), but they still are the biggest source. Travercial has them separated by country, with activity planned for the future.

  • Sebastian Hertkorn

    You should DEFINATLY add Monkeytime… extremely entertaining, well filmed and well editet backpackingfilms! 

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