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10+ Must See Spots in Tel Aviv

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by Claudia Tavani Jan 4, 2017

Tel Aviv rests right on the Mediterranean Sea in Israel. The weather is pleasant year-round and people are always out enjoying it — running, biking, walking their dogs. It just takes one sunset from the waterfront to appreciate Tel Aviv, or a walk through Old Jaffa to feel as if time has stopped. You can find these spots and more on Matador Network’s travelstoke app, where you can create trip planning lists of your own. And for what to know before visiting, check out this article.

1. Banana Beach

 Banana BeachTel Aviv-Yafo, IsraelA fantastic mixture between Miami, Rio de Janeiro and the most beautiful Mediterranean cities, the long, sandy, white beach of Tel Aviv is a great place to hang out on sunny days. Locals crowd it to suntan, play beach volley and beach tennis, catch some waves with their surf boards and just relax. It’s gorgeous at sunset.

2. Al-Bahr Mosque

 Al-Bahr MosqueTel Aviv-Yafo, IsraelWalking around Jaffa, the view opens up to show the beautiful Al Bahr mosque, facing the blue Mediterranean Sea. The name does indeed recall this, as it means The Sea Mosque. Because of its vicinity to the sea, it was used mostly by sailors and fishermen.

3. Jaffa Port

 Jaffa portTel Aviv-Yafo, IsraelHidden behind the port of Jaffa, there are various pieces of street art that are an interesting sight. Walls of buildings that have been disused have been used by a number of local artists that have painted images that range from simple slogans to more complex and colorful ones. Searching for them is fun!

4. Rabin Square

 Rabin SquareTel Aviv-Yafo, IsraelA seemingly uninteresting place, Rabin Square is one of the landmarks of Tel Aviv. It’s here that Rabin, who was the main spokesperson of the peace negotiations, was killed. A touching memorial is placed in the exact spot where he was shot to death. It can’t be missed.

5. Jaffa

 JaffaTel Aviv-Yafo, IsraelA walk in the old city of Jaffa will reveal a number of tiny alleys with beautifully carved doors and windows, cobbled pavement and a relaxed, artsy vibe. Jaffa is the historical heart of Tel Aviv, packed with interesting sights, lovely restaurants and coffee shops.

6. Andromeda Hill

 Andromeda HillTel Aviv-Yafo, IsraelThis fabulous view of the beach of Tel Aviv can be enjoyed from the Andromeda Hill in Jaffa, the oldest part of the city. Lots of people – tourists and locals – crowd it on sunny days. It’s the perfect spot to observe planes landing in Tel Aviv Ben Gurion airport.

7. The Waterfront

 WaterfrontTel Aviv-Yafo, IsraelWalking along the waterfront of Tel Aviv, towards Jaffa, is perhaps the best thing to do in town at sunset. Locals crowd the place, walking, biking, skating. Young couples enjoy the stunning, romantic view. And when it’s warm, surfers can be seen in the water, catching the waves. Even cats like it there.

8. Habima Square

 Habima SquareTel Aviv-Yafo, IsraelThe beautiful, large Habima Square is located at the end of Rothschild Boulevard. Locals enjoy meeting there for a weekend stroll. Facing the square, there’s the Habima Theater, the Culture Palace and the Helena Rubinstein Musem of Contemporary Art. It’s one of the unmissable places to explore in Tel Aviv.

9. Abraham Hostel

 Abraham Hostel Tel AvivTel Aviv-Yafo, IsraelThe rooftop of Abraham Hostel in Tel Aviv is a great place to have a sunset drink with friends, to enjoy a sunny day, and to admire the view of the city which is a work in progress. The hostel is centrally located, close to Rothschild Boulevard and to the areas of town packed with bars and restaurants. An incredible place in a fantastic city.

10. Reading Power Station

 ReadingTel Aviv-Yafo, IsraelAt the end of the promenade of Tel Aviv, what seems like a lighthouse actually is the old and currently not in use Reading Power Station. It is said that it will be demolished. The view is actually beautiful, even on a gloomy day.

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