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The 14+ Most Mindblowing Spots in Turkey

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by Matador Creators Nov 3, 2016

THERE ARE FEW COUNTRIES THAT are as staggering beautiful and diverse as Turkey. As the place where Europe meets the Middle East, it’s got an amazing cocktail of the best of all cultures: giant, beautiful mosques, bridges that connect continents, winding alleyways, and towns that have been inhabited for millennia. The culture and history alone are breathtaking.

Turkey also has some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world. Blue seas, pristine beaches, jagged mountains and surreal rock formations — it’s all here.

So we ducked into our new travelstoke app to find the most mindblowing spots in Turkey. Travelstoke is both a social network for travelers and a crowd-sourced guidebook to the essential (and lesser-known) places of the world. Don’t see something that should be on this list? Join us on the app and add it yourself!


 PamukkalePamukkale Belediyesi, TurkeyUnbelievable natural formations of hot spring pools made out of calcium deposits trickling down the side of a gorgeous cliff overlooking the fertile farming town of pamukkale.

#hotsprings #relax #nature

Rainbow Steps

 Rainbow StepsCihangir Mahallesi, TurkeyThere is one, not so obvious word which I would use to describe Istanbul’s Rainbow steps and that is CATS. If you are allergic or scared of cats, avoid the steps. Actually you should just avoid Istanbul in general. I’m not talking about one or two stray cats, I’m talking gangs of cats. All different colors of cats. A Rainbow gang of cats patrolling those famous Rainbow steps. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, don’t avoid Istanbul. It’s a really cool and beautiful vibrant city! Apparently the stairs were painted by one man who just wanted to make people smile :)! The cats certainly loved the idea! #colour #city #pretty #cats #free

Trebanna Crag

 Trebanna CragCumhuriyet Mahallesi, TurkeySunset view while climbing at the Trebanna crag. #hiking


 EphesusAcarlar Köyü, Turkeygreat view

Butterfly Guest House

 Butterfly Guest HouseUzunyurt Köyü, TurkeyI didn’t stay at this guest house but the view down into Butterfly Valley is beyond spectacular if you just stop on the side of the road here.

Sultanahmet Mosque

 Suleymaniyeli KurufasulyeciSultanahmet Mahallesi, TurkeyThis was my favorite mosque in Istanbul. Fewer crowds than the Blue Mosque and more beautiful. Also has amazing views of the river and the city from the lawn in front.


 MiklaAsmalı Mescit Mahallesi, TurkeyThe amazing sunset views from atop the Marmara Pera Hotel in Istanbul. ? #TravelDeeper

Galata Bridge

 Galata Bridgeİskender Paşa Mahallesi, TurkeyThe beautiful and delicious Istanbul, Turkey from the Famous Galata Bridge.

The Blue Mosque

 The Blue MosqueSultanahmet Mahallesi, TurkeyDo not miss the fantastic Blue Mosque.

Agora Open Air Museum

 Agora Open Air MuseumNamazgah Mahallesi, Turkey#ancidenthistory

Love Valley

 Love ValleyUçhisar Belediyesi, TurkeyOn one end of the love valley lies these phallic structures. Worth the visit! #history #hiking


 PasabaglariÇavuşin Köyü, Turkey#hiking #extreme #gallery #history


 ShambalaUzunyurt Köyü, TurkeySome serious hippy trippy lodging-but all worth it!

Egyptian Spice Bazaar

 Egyptian Spice BazaarSultanahmet Mahallesi, TurkeySpices in the spice bazaar


 CappadociaGöreme Belediyesi, TurkeyParallel universe

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