1. Climb all the way up to the Tower of Hercules, and try not to feel dizzy when realizing the Romans already used this lighthouse back in the 2nd century.

2. Watch the sun set behind the Cíes Islands.

3. Visit those same islands and discuss whether Rodas is the best beach in the world or not.

4. Swim fearlessly in the cold, wild waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Cantabrian Sea.

5. Wait until the tide is low to walk under the arches at Praia das Catedrais.

6. Take part in the Baixada Ajárrate a lo que Poidas to descend the river in Anllóns.

7. Discover why rain is art in Santiago de Compostela…

8. … and watch the Cathedral burn down every July 25th.

9. Learn how to dance muiñeira and join every impromptu dance you find.

10. Walk around Lugo’s Roman walls. Then discover what eating tapas really means in the old town.

11. Enjoy a relaxed night out in Pontevedra’s Praza da Leña.

12. Get lost in Fragas do Eume.

13. Stay out of the way of the cigarróns during the Entroido (carnival) in Verín.

14. Eat as much pulpo á feira as you can (and refuse to take the last piece to feel like a real Galician person).

15. Walk the Millennium Bridge in Ourense.

16. Wonder if you had ever felt so calm in Aldán.

17. Climb up to the Castro in Vigo and point with your finger where to go next: Cíes, Cangas, Moaña…

18. Try every Galician wine you come across: Albariño, Ribeiro, Mencía, Godello…

19. Learn about the Celts and how they lived back in the 1st century BC in Castro de Baroña.

20. Find the Sil Canyon and follow the river stopping at every viewpoint. Don’t forget to buy (and taste) Ribeira Sacra wine.

21. Understand why the Romans thought Fisterra was the end of the world.

22. Experience the real ritual of making queimada by memorizing and reciting the spell.

23. Find out the Galician blonde they told you about is not what you thought.

24. Attend at least one gastronomy fair.

25. Travel back in time by attending some of our historical celebrations, such as the Festa do Esquecemento in Xinzo de Limia.

26. Spend the shortest night of the year on the beach, by a bonfire.

27. Wonder how they managed to carve the rocks to build San Pedro de Rocas Monastery in Esgos.