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37 of the Most Surreal Beaches and Coastlines on the Planet

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by Michelle Schusterman Apr 6, 2016

Martianesque rocks, gorgeous water, wicked cloud formations, crazy shorebreak — these photos explore diverse coastal terrain from around the world.

1. The Great Ocean Road, Australia

Iconic limestone stack formations, the “12 Apostles,” of Australia’s Great Ocean Road, which has made several of our most inspiring road roundups.

2. Miniloc Island, Philippines

MatadorU faculty member Scott Sporleder’s note: “to reach the entrance to this little lagoon on Miniloc Island you travel through the break in the cliff, making your way past reefs and dreamlike water.”

3. Kauai, Hawaii


Photo: Alexander Demyanenko/Shutterstock

4. Pinamar, Argentina

Photo: Connie Guanziroli/Shutterstock

5. Laguna Beach, California

Scott Sporleder

Scott Sporleder got pinned against the rocks by heavy winter and rising tides while taking this shot.

6. Dawlish, England

Dawlish United Kingdom August 3 2018 : Train pass between the Red cliff and the sea, Train journeys

Photo: Pratan Saetang/Shutterstock

7. Alki Beach, Washington

Photo: GeorgeColePhoto/Shutterstock

8. Aruba

Three flamingos on the beach

Photo: MasterPhoto/Shutterstock

9. Kauai, Hawaii

Photo: MNStudio/Shutterstock

This aerial shot was taken over the Nā Pali Coast State Park, an area accessible only by foot or boat.

10. Cannon Beach, Oregon

Photo: Gleb Tarro/Shutterstock

The Oregon coast is home to massive headlands, dunes, and monstrous surf including the largest waves ever surfed in a kayak.

11. El Nido, Philippines

12. Mar del Plata, Argentina

Photo: Carminallucis/Shutterstock

13. San Francisco, California

Photo: Melanie Hobson/Shutterstock

Seal Rocks on the north end of Ocean Beach.

14. Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts

Photo: CO Leong/Shutterstock

15. Persian Gulf, Iran

Photo: Lukas Bischoff Photograph/Shutterstock

16. Palawan, Philippines

17. Phi Phi Leh, Thailand

Scott Sporleder

Maya Bay can get a bit crowded these days with tourist boats whipping down from Phuket, but if you get there early in the morning or stay long enough to let the boats leave, chances are you will have the place to yourself.

18. Ontario, Canada

Photo: Chris Hill/Shutterstock

19. Robin Hood’s Bay, England

Photo: Helen Hotson/Shutterstock

Although it’s not likely he was ever in the area, this small fishing village on the coast of North Yorkshire is named after the legendary thief. As the story goes, Robin Hood took on a band of French pirates in this spot and returned their loot to the villagers.

20. Daracton Island, Philippines

Scott Sporleder

21. Santa Monica, California

Photo: Zhukova Valentyna/Shutterstock

22. India

Photo: Lena Serditova/Shutterstock

23. Oahu, Hawaii

Photo: YegoroV/Shutterstock

Haleiwa, a community located on Waialua Bay.

24. Morro Bay, California

morro bay best beach camping in california

Photo: Min C. Chiu/Shutterstock

25. Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Scott Sporleder

26. San Blas Islands, Panama

Scott Sporleder

Home to the Kuna Indians, these small islands (some of them only large enough for a single palm tree) are located on the Caribbean side of Panama.

27. Queensland, Australia

Photo: Warren Chan/Shutterstock

28. Kekaha, Hawaii

Photo: Kauai Colors/Shutterstock

29. Yawsawa Islands, Fiji

Scott Sporleder

“Walking along Champagne Bay was surreal. The sand was so white it nearly hurt my eyes and to top it all off, there was not a single foot print to be found.” (Photographer Scott Sporleder)

30. Worthing, England

Photo: Nicola Pulham/Shutterstock

31. Corfu Island, Greece

Photo: proslgn/Shutterstock

32. Maldives


Photo: Jag_cz/Shutterstock

33. Coney Island, New York

Photo: Kamira/Shutterstock

34. Isla Providencia, Colombia

Scott Sporleder

35. Maldives


Photo: Lifestyle Travel Photo/Shutterstock

36. North Ayrshire, Scotland

Photo: Rodney Hutchinson/Shutterstock

37. Punggol, Singapore

Photo: limy10/Shutterstock

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