An Illustrated Guide to Transatlantic Flight

Art + Architecture
by Katka Lapelosová Jul 31, 2014

I RECENTLY BEGAN sketching during long-haul flights. It helps distract me when I feel anxious, and usually I’m pretty drunk during takeoff, so the things I produce in my journal are hilarious. But they can’t compare to the drawings of Christoph Niemann, who 100% captures what goes on in the minds of every single person who has ever flown from the East Coast of the USA, to Europe and beyond.

My favorite part is the progression of the seat back monitor. Spot on.

01 - oDZhcdX

02 - Q0od044

03 - Orr1vGH

04 - 7XIaH0M

05 - uZohun2

06 - m9bJgeZ

07 - YZaLUV4

08 - l5ldBnP

09 - WvI2WMp

10 - f9BSEpp

11 - LvixbF2

12 - nWaW2oM

13 - 4IDvR71

14 - BvWnKNP

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