1. Tattooed eyeballs are a normal topic of conversation.
2. The wind blows your rice & peas off your fork at lunch.
3. You pass a cemetery filled with built-to-scale and brilliantly hued truck-and house-shaped tombstones.
4. President Theodore Roosevelt’s most famous quotation is used in condom advertisements.
5. Air-conditioned tour buses share the road with VW vans and donkeys pulling carts of coconuts.
6. You can order rice with turkey neck, ox tail, or cow foot stew.
7. Promoters advertise parties with names like “Orgasm,” “Bubbles,” and “Nipples.”
8. A dump truck crew has to draw in the side-view mirrors so your bus can squeeze past on the road.
9. A fellow bus passenger gives a disabled man a brand new pair of shoes.
10. Your taxi driver is listening to a song about “pussies” and “washing underwear” while chastising a fellow passenger for not dressing appropriately for Saturday night church services.
11. A typical restaurant appetizer is Mannish Water (aka goat genitalia soup).
12. A mineral baths and spa operates next door to a cement factory.
13. The road repair crew is using a red hankie to signal “Stop” and a branch to signal “Go.”
14. What goes down at the company picnic makes Miley’s 2013 VMA performance look like kindergarten stuff.
15. Taxi drivers make detours for ganja.
16. A bar is blaring dancehall and the church next door is blaring reggae gospel at 11:00 at night — and nobody gets mad.
17. Bicyclists hang on to the backs of pickup trucks and buses as they speed through the rush hour traffic.
18. Beverages to help men achieve a “big bamboo” are sold right next to the children’s juice boxes in the supermarket.
19. The chef comes out to your table to roll a spliff while chatting about astral projection and natural foods before escorting you to the taxi stand several blocks away.