Adam Fletcher and Paul Hawkins

Adam Fletcher is a 31 year old bald Englishman. After several years in his adopted nation, Germany, he’d consider himself almost German, were it not for continued inability to separate his Akkusativ from his Dativ and his plastic recycling from his paper. He is a full-time writer, founder of The Hipstery, and author of both How to be German and Denglisch for Better Knowers. Paul Hawkins is a comedy writer whose life-long pilgrimage to avoid a "proper" job has brought him to the Mecca of Delayed Responsibility: Berlin. He is the co-author of the Spiegel bestselling book Denglisch for Better Knowers. His next book, How to Operate a Human, will be released in Germany in August, 2014.

6 genius German idioms we should be using in English

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