Anna Maria Halkiotis

Anna Maria is of Greek American descent raised in Connecticut, USA. Upon graduating high school, she moved to New York City to study theatre, where she received her B.A. from Marymount Manhattan College with a degree in Theatre Arts and a Concentration in Lighting Design. After completing her B.A. she continued to live in New York City for the next four years, where she worked in the professional theatre and entertainment industry. In 2012, she got TEFL certified from Oxford Seminars, made the plunge and moved to Indonesia to teach English as a second language. She spent two years living, teaching and traveling throughout Indonesia. After her time in Indonesia, she relocated to Melbourne, Australia for one year on a work and holiday visa. Anna Maria has recently moved back to Brooklyn, N.Y., where she works as a teacher and spends her spare time working as a freelance writer and photographer. Her personal hobbies include yoga, swimming, surfing, bicycle riding, reading, cooking, music/dancing and being awesome. She has traveled to more than 10 countries, sometimes for professional work, sometimes for pleasure and sometimes for missionary work. Her passion for travel/culture, the arts, education/teaching and adventure provides her with a very fulfilling and blessed life.

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