Amie Cuhaciyan comes from a long line of adventurers who braved the open seas and unknown lands to settle in Seattle. Her heritage often made her feel split between cultures because of Middle Eastern and European traditions alive in her home and the American culture outside her door. To get in touch with her roots, she started traveling to her various homelands at the age of 16. She has called places such as India and Japan home as she earned her BA in Anthropology. Along the way, she contributed to Bringing it Home: Integrating International Experiences. University of Washington, May 2007.Vol1 and won a spot at UW’s international photography exhibit the same year. She currently studies Educational Technology at BSU, is a member of the Idaho Japanese Association, runs a Japanese destination blog and a corresponding Facebook page, in addition to freelance travel writing and being a single mom. With her love of keeping busy she has mastered the art of relaxation through taking bubble baths.