An incredibly talented photographer, 27-year-old Daniel Chafer is a self-taught photographer who's established his own unique style in a short span of time. His home town is on the east coast of Australia. Daniel's images are inspired by the ocean, lifestyle, road trips, and travel. He's been living on the northern Atlantic Ocean for over six years now, sailing between tropical Caribbean islands and the Mediterranean Sea. Most of his inspiration comes from the ocean, as it covers 70% of the Earth's surface. He feels there are consistently timeless images that can be shown in nature's true beauty. Daniel has been constantly blessed with exclusive opportunities to see the world from a different angle living aboard a yacht. Artists are always seeking new methods of expression, new sources of inspiration. Daniel spends most of his creative time looking at the ocean and wondering how to create an edgy look to it. Before taking photos he always stops and thinks, "A thousand photographers must have taken this same shot, so how can I give it structure and strength to add my own unique style to the image?" Daniel believes travel photography broadens one's view of the world. Experiencing other humanities, countries, cultures, beliefs, and languages gives him an outlook for planning his next adventure.