Donny is an enterprising traveler and photographer who has taken these passions and used them to encourage and inspire others all over the world. He has traveled to many different countries and has seen many places through his 10 years in the Air Force. But just in the past 2 years has he truly begun to grasp and really SEE what amazing places surround him each day. He is a self-taught photographer who has a natural eye to capture the beauty that surrounds him. Donny has ever an evolving creativity he utilizes in his photos. Whether it's the use of colorful smoke bombs, painting with light, using a simple bright colored umbrella as a prop, or just a cutting edge edit, his photos never disappoint. Inspiring others through his photography is what brings him joy and gives him purpose. If he can get just one person off the couch and out exploring either through his photographs, blog, or a casual conversation, then his goal truly has been met.