It's been said that the best souvenirs aren't things, but memories. With camera in hand, Jessica has taken her passion to new heights and is driven by this motto. A former corporate creative turned freelance in the film industry, Jessica has created over 150 small web reels for clients all over the US. Her talents are not limited to only video, but extends to photography and social media marketing as well. She walks the fine line of being logistics organized with a creative mind. Jessica believes that to really have the best experience out of anything, you have to immerse yourself in that culture. Don't be a tourist, live like a local. She's led many lives; from touring with EDM artists, flying the skies as a flight attendant, and traveling the country as lead video producer. She has now found her home in the fast paced life of freelance film. Always looking to collaborate with other like minded artists and one foot forward toward adventure, Jessica loves to create heartfelt pieces that give the viewer an experience to remember.