Jonas Piontek, is a German-based creative industries student, professional landscape photographer, travel enthusiast and storm chaser. His main goal is to compose eye-catching photographs, traveling tens of thousands of kilometers through central Europe and across the globe each year to get the perfect shots of severe storms and diverse landscapes, often leaving the road to reach unexplored areas with new composition opportunities. In July 2015, he traveled to the Maracaibo Lake in Venezuela to take part in a Japanese documentary about the weather phenomenon "Catatumbo Lightning" which is known as the place with the most frequent and most dense lightning rate on earth. One of Jonas' greatest projects is the Gewitterjagd project, traveling through whole central Europe with his storm-chasing team, searching for the perfect storms. This is not only for photography purposes but also for the documentation and live-warning during those severe weather events. Jonas' work has been published in national and international media, reaching from TV-shows to magazines and live-broadcasts in television, including The Weather Channel, BBC, NHK, ZDF, Tagesschau, die Zeit, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung etc. You can follow Jonas on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.