Born in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, I was raised in a bilingual upbringing, surrounded by the nature and beauty of the amazing island of Puerto Rico. In addition to all of my local explorations and adventures I have been able to experience in Puerto Rico, I have gone beyond my horizons and explored numerous places around the world including Africa, Asia, Pacific Islands, Australia, Latin America, New Zealand, Europe and Cuba, among others. Through this exposure and it’s opportunities, I developed my undying thirst for further exploration and discovery of new cultures and their surroundings. My passion for knowledge, conservation, nature and new discoveries propels me to be resilient to any and all obstacles I may encounter during my journey. As a photographer and film producer I am looking to seize the moment. No matter what it takes, enduring freezing cold temperatures or trekking far distances, I will do it just to capture and share the beauty and knowledge of what I was able to witness. As part of my self-explorations, in 2003, I traveled and studied in Urbino, Italy. This opportunity made it possible for me to explore, experience and discover first hand the culture, language and unique beauty of Italy. Continuing my journey, now as a trilingual photographer, I completed my BFA with a degree in Visual Communications & Graphic Design. Determined to reach my goal I applied for my master’s degree in Film, at Columbia University School of Arts, in New York, NY. Completed my degree and graduated in 2011 with a concentration in Production and Screenwriting. In June 2005, I received a full-page feature in the Shutterbug Magazine; later on I had one of my top photographs selected to form part of the 2012 Exposure’s Art Book. Most recently I received a publication in BBC Wildlife Magazine, and in three consecutive years for the National Geographic Student Expeditions Catalog 2013, 2014 & 2015. Locally I received a front cover publication in two newspapers and two solo exhibits in the past 3 years in Jackson WY. I currently live in Jackson, Wyoming, actively independently teaching photography, working for a local not-for-profit organization and leading summer student photography expeditions for National Geographic since 2011 as well as creating opportunities to further discover our planet and tell it's stories.