I'm from Namibia and because my parents have always been avid campers we have duly explored all of Namibia and large parts of southern Africa since I was about 2 months old. Because of this I have always been a big lover of nature and the outdoors. Luckily, along with being avid campers my parents are also avid travelers and took us along on a few overseas trips which only made me want to travel even more. I finished high school in Namibia in 2008 and went on to study in South Africa. After finishing a degree in ecology I took a year off to travel. I spent some time in Europe and then went on to teach English in the Caucasus. I then returned to South Africa to do a Masters degree in ecology with an emphasis on frogs (because I love them). I'm now married to a wonderful guy from New Mexico and we're moving to America in June. I'm currently busy working on an awareness campaign and a field guide for the frogs of Namibia and looking forward to more traveling!