At home behind the lens, Meredith Richardson found her passion for telling stories at a young age. This camera toting nomad hails from sin city but found her heart in the mountains of Sun Valley, ID chasing snow. She got her start behind the scenes at NBC working on nightly newscasts, which led to a brief love affair with filming skiing and snowboarding for ESPN Action Sports. This propelled her into the documentary world where her focus now lies on empowering women. After working on two full-length films in the past three years, Meredith has found her stride in telling the stories of women breaking both physical and social barriers around the world through sports. Whether she is filming reenactment scenes while dogsledding in the Idaho backcountry, working with natives in heart of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation or on a sail to ski mission in the middle of the Arctic ocean, her goal is to use her craft to support the progression of social justice for women and minorities worldwide. She has had films featured in the Bentonville Film Festival, Sun Valley Film Festival, Cannes Independent Film Festival, and the New York City Independent Film Festival. Currently she is working as Chief Cinematographer on the film Louder Than Thunder, DP for the short Girls Gone Polar and DP for Queen of the Mountain.