Michael Bittner is a happy farmer and resident of the forest in the Kettle Range Mountains of Washington. He has partnered with Mother Nature and his dear friend, Ashley, to grow, adapt, and save seed biodiversity to confront the adaptive challenges presented by GMOs, climate change, and peak resources. He has lived on organic farms throughout North America and India in pursuit of the traditional wisdom of those still living intimately with the land and their animals. He owes his inspiration and gratitude to those seed-keepers and humble, loving farmers of a small village in the Indian Himalayas called Saur, where he was most generously hosted, treated, and welcomed as a young man working on independent projects with Vandana Shiva's biodiversity conservation farm, Navdanya. It has since become his goal to turn degraded, poisoned, and eroded land in his biological region into oases of beauty, bounty, and balance; to reclaim every part of a desertified and barren world, both upon this earth and within the collective soul of humanity, and overgrow it with the abundance of community and magic of life. He welcomes personal connection on Facebookand Etsy.