Rachna Agnihotri is a travel writer from Delhi, India who has been travelling extensively covering diverse landscapes from the majestic Himalayan mountains to placid beaches of south-east Asia, busy city centres of London and Vienna to quaint monasteries of north-east India, open-jeep wildlife safaris in central India to picturesque vineyards of Tuscany. Having made some 40 trips in and outside India over the last seven years, she loves to invest time in researching about her next destination and plan her detailed itineraries. She has also been associated with travel websites like ‘MatadorU’ in the past to hone her travel writing skills. She loves visiting flea markets and city centres, try street food and shop for souvenirs. She wants to experience shark cage diving to satiate her adventurous side. Besides this, she works with the corporate strategy team of a leading consulting organisation and never misses the chance to set off on a new destination during her long weekends and holidays. She can be reached at her travel blog called rachnawanderer.wordpress.com or her email soniarachna@yahoo.com.