1. “What we lack in pay we make up for in lifestyle.”
Jeremy Casebeer, 25, on taking time to backpack and work as a professional volleyball player before settling into a more permanent career

2. “My world gets bigger every day. The more I see, the more I learn is out there.”
Gerrell Johnson, 25, on getting out of LA, studying abroad in Barcelona, seeing Europe, and globetrotting Thailand

3. “The only adventure you regret is the one you didn’t take.”
Erin Reid, 24, on her addiction to traveling Europe, Africa, Australia, and Southeast Asia

4. “Maybe today I’m feeling Australian. I haven’t seen enough of the world to know I’m German.”
Jasimine & Anne, 19, twins from Munich, on working as au pairs abroad and wandering Oceania

5. “A comfort zone is a really beautiful place where absolutely nothing gets done.”
Kristen Brotemarkle, 23, on her motivation to take the leap abroad

6. “[Hosting couchsurfers] is like having the travel spirit in my house without traveling myself.”
Jort, 34, on hosting over 200 couchsurfers in his Amsterdam home

7. “Traveling is staying one step ahead of reality.”
– Brittani Libring, 23, on making time to escape the corporate grind

8. “I knew very little about this place. I wanted to do something different, completely unknown and undone in my life. There was something there for me to discover.”
– John Outwater, 22, on going from an organized study-abroad program to traveling solo to surf Japan

9. “[Despite the language barrier] there’s more unity. No matter where you’re from, you experience the music together. It’s bigger than yourself.”
Kimmie Connor, 21, on Tomorrowland and the difference between domestic and international music festivals

10. “I learned that I shouldn’t give up something so important to me for a dance-floor make out.”
– Hayley Grunebaum, 21, on traveling while in a long-distance relationship

11. “The human spirit was meant to fly into the horizon. Meant to see sunrises from different latitudes. Meant to see sunsets from different longitudes. It’s the natural curiosity in us. We’re all birds at heart.”
Brian LaFaille, 24, on his professional ambitions to connect travelers online

12. “The effect of traveling isn’t instantaneous, but one day you wake up and realize your perspective has altered entirely.”
– Kayla, 23, on working in Barcelona as an au pair and overcoming obstacles to travel before continuing her career in comparative literature

13. “I got to the point where I was willing to acknowledge that I may know a lot about where I’m from, but I knew literally nothing about where I was. I opened up to the possibility that people just did things differently, and that was okay.”
Michael Herlihy, 26, on traveling through the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Europe for his career in avionics

14. “Experiencing different worlds is the best way I can explore a real purpose.”
Megan Kenson, 23, on returning from Southeast Asia and making the decision to move to London

15. “Traveling allows you to bypass the window and go straight through the front door!”
Jake Marsh, 27, on working abroad, relocating, and doing it again

16. “I never understood the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’ until I traveled the world.”
Laurie Satran, 33, on lessons learned living abroad

Quotes pulled from submissions to and stories published at TravelBreak.net. This post originally appeared at Travel Break and is reprinted here with permission.