Australia / New Zealand

Byron Bay by Androook

16. Byron Bay Yoga Retreat, Byron Bay, Australia.

Highlights: World-renowned teacher Sue Hawkins offers 1-week retreats in the Gold Coast of Australia, which is famous for its general hippiness as well as the warm-water surfing.

Lodging: Single or double room accommodations in the Tallows area of Byron Bay.

Types of Yoga: Vinyasa, Pilates (for core-strengthening) and Restorative/Relaxing Yoga.

Other offerings: Meditation, chanting, spiritual dancing, surfing, naturopathic lessons, breathing exercises.

17. Anahata Yoga Retreat, Golden Bay, New Zealand.

Highlights: Located in Golden Bay’s forests, retreats immerses students in nature and yoga for 3 nights to 1 month, depending on the options that Anahata provides on its websites.

Lodging: Ranges from camping to the higher-end Chakra Guest House/Yurt.

Types of Yoga: Satyananda (a philosophy- and meditation-heavy practice, versus physical).

Other offerings: Nature walks.


Mauritius by left hand

18. Shanti Maurice, St. Felix, Mauritius

Highlights: More of a luxury resort and hotel located in the far away waters of Mauritius, Shanti Maurice provides yoga and wellness retreats for the recession-proof set.

Lodging: Ranges from Junior Suites to Ocean View Villas.

Types of Yoga: Not specified, but likely basic Hatha and Vinyasa.

Other offerings: Everything one would expect out of a high-end monstrosity, including a golf course, multiple swimming pools, a full-service spa and fitness center, and water sports to enjoy the famous nearby breaks.

19. Yoga Retreat Zanzibar, Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Highlights: Located along the technicolor trading routes of the Indian Ocean, the “Yoga & Naturopathic Retreat” held in late December will include the full shebang when it comes to complementary and alternative treatments in addition to daily yoga practice. However, there are more general yoga retreats held year-round.

Lodging: The 16-room beach hotel, Flame Tree Cottages.

Types of Yoga: Not specified, but likely basic Hatha or Vinyasa.

Other offerings: Reiki, life coaching, traditional dance, mandala painting.

Okavango Delta by Sara & Joachim

20. Yoga Safari, Maun, Botswana.

Highlights: In a retreat that includes various budget options, yoga instructor Deborah Carter leads students through a Botswana safari, including Okavango Delta tours, in addition to her daily yoga classes.

Lodging: En-suite tents of various levels of service and space.

Types of Yoga: A mix of Ashtanga and Iyengar.

Other offerings: Jungle treks, meditation.

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