EVERY MONTH WE TRY TO FIND THE best maps on the internet. This month was a doozy: the internet’s cartographers mapped out the Syrian refugee crisis in a ton of different ways, broke down how much Europeans like to smoke (hint: France isn’t as stereotypically smokey as you’d think), looked at how you’re most likely to die early around the world, and figured out how Latin America says “bro.” My favorite, though, has to be the breakdown of which states have the most people on Ashley Madison. I spend a lot of time looking at maps, and one state always seems to rank last or close to last on a lot of standards of living. But that state turns out to be the one that has the least online cheaters. Read on to find out who it was.


How to say "Bro" in Latin America

"Bro" doesn't translate easily, but these are the closest approximations of the word in Latin America. Via Reddit


Ashley Madison users per capita

Well done, West Virginia. Via Mic


Syrian refugees in the Middle East

Syrian refugees aren't just in Europe. Via Reddit


Refugee population by country

The west's refugee problem is comparatively easy compared to much of the rest of the world. Via Reddit


The two spots in the Pacific that are on opposite sides of the earth

The Pacific Ocean is so huge that it contains its own antipode -- the spot on the direct opposite side of the earth. Via Reddit


Percentage of country that's made up of immigrants

Immigration in Europe: it's not remotely new. Via Jakub Marian


Average IQ's in Europe by country

Switzerland: It pays to be neutral. Via Jakub Marian


The average number of cigarettes consumed per year

Holy crap, Serbia. Via Jakub Marian


Obesity in Europe

Obesity is a BMI of 30. Via Jakub Marian


Life expectancy in Europe

There might be some correlation here with the cigarette map. Via Jakub Marian


The number of colonies each European country has had

Belgium didn't have many colonies, but what they lacked in number they made up for in brutality. Via Jakub Marian


Who did each country earn their independence from?

This is for countries which actually celebrate an Independence Day, so not all independences are recognized. Via Reddit


The deadliest natural disaster in each state

With nearly 700 deaths, 9/11 was actually a bigger disaster for New Jersey than the Woodbridge train wreck, which killed 85 people. But this map is of disasters that occurred within the state itself, not just in terms of the number of residents who died. Via Reddit


When girls can legally get married

The places in the U.S. where you can get married at 15 are Missouri and Georgia. Here's a link to the full breakdown of the states. Via Reddit


Sodomy laws in the U.S.

How long did it take the U.S. to strike down its sodomy laws? Via Reddit


Drinking laws across Europe

Yep: 5 year olds can legally drink in a lot of Europe. Via Reddit


Online poker winnings vs. losses

Part of the reason countries like Thailand and Malta are so high is because many of the high roller players move there for tax reasons. Via Reddit


Tsunami risk around the world

Technically, any coastline is at risk of tsunamis, but here's where they're most likely and where the damage would be greatest. Via Tsunami Alarm System


Suicide rates around the world

What is it about the American west that causes such high suicide rates? Via Reddit


The percentage of people who would rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable

Is it kind of a loaded question to ask people? Sure. But it's interesting to see which countries place a higher priority on money than on happiness.Via Reddit


Homicide rates in the US and Europe

The Deep South has a similar murder rate to much of Russia. Via Reddit


Leading causes of lost years of life

For Greenland, I'm presuming the white means "no data," but I prefer to think it's "snow." Via Reddit


Where the world's best universities are

Despite the concentration in the U.S., the world's best universities are more spread out than you might think. Via Reddit


Where child labor is the worst

Gray is a little ambiguous here: some of the countries have very low rates of child labor, while others simply don't have enough available data. Via Reddit


Trees on earth by square kilometer

A breakdown of the world's lungs. Via Reddit


Median age by country

The world's youth is in the global south. Via Reddit


Where the Catholics are

How did it take so long to get a South American Pope? Via Reddit


Countries Israeli citizens can visit

An Israeli passport means some countries are closed off to you. Via Reddit


Average winter length

Here's what you have to look forward to this winter. Via Reddit


Average hours of night per day per country

They never tell you that the sun never sets on the French empire. Via Reddit


America's bedtimes

The effect of our time zones, illustrated by bedtimes. Via Reddit

Huge hat tip, as always, to the amazing MapPorn subreddit. The commenters over there can always catch the tiniest map mess up, from coloring Kaliningrad as a separate country from Russia, to poor coloring schemes, to misleading metrics. Check them out for your Map fix.