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Will Graphic Photos Deter Smokers?

by Abbie Mood Jul 12, 2011
In the first major change to warning labels in more than 25 years, the Department of Health and Human Services has chosen 9 images to cover the top half of cigarette packages.

The images include a guy breathing smoke through a hole in his neck, a diseased mouth and teeth, and a comparison of a healthy lung and a blackened lung. Starting in 2012, the images will cover the top half of cigarette packages and take up to 20% of the space in cigarette ads. Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of Health and Human Services said in a statement,

“These labels are frank, honest and powerful depictions of the health risks of smoking, and they will help encourage smokers to quit, and prevent children from smoking.”

But will the new pictures work?

According to the Atlantic Wire, the answer is no, and that the warnings may even increase cravings for cigarettes.

So what does make smokers more likely to quit?

-If a pet dog or cat’s health is at stake.
-Smokers who are given incremental cash rewards are three times more likely to quit.
-Smokers who received texts with motivational messages are more likely to quit.
-Smokers who decided to quit on a spur of the moment whim (as opposed to planning) are more likely to quit.
-Smokers who have friends who quit are more likely to quit.
-Eating vegetables and dairy-based foods make cigarettes supposedly taste worse (The things that make cigarettes taste better are booze, caffeine, and meat).
(This list can be found on The Atlantic Wire)

Do you think that graphic photos will make a difference or will people smoke regardless?

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