Vehicle shown with optional features and aftermarket Ford accessories. Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and weight distribution. Recreational equipment not included.
Matador Presents:

Adventure Unbound:

Inspired by people changing the face of sports and outdoor adventure, Matador is proud to collaborate with Ford for a new series about individuals who take the road less traveled…or get off road altogether.

From BIPOC representation in outdoor sports to creating a mobile workspace, this series follows four trailblazers who push themselves to reach the next level and share their lessons along the way.

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Ayesha McGowan

Join pro cyclist Ayesha McGowan on her first off-road driving adventure, where she talks representation and the importance of pushing yourself.

Sofia Jaramillo

Go behind the scenes of an adventure shoot with photographer Sofia Jaramillo, who shares her motivations on storytelling.

Abe Kislevitz

GoPro creative director Abe Kislevitz is the quintessential adventurer/content creator on the go; learn all about his mobile setup and creative process.

Brooke Raboutou

Getting deep into the wild is at the center of Brooke Raboutou’s life and the driving force behind why she’s making history as a climber.

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