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Honeymoons in Mauritius are what made this volcanic island east of Madagascar famous.

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But beyond the sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and endless romantic settings, you’ll find one the most beautiful places for an active vacation. Diving in Mauritius is the best-known activity, as nearly the entire island is surrounded by a coral reef. Stick your head in the water, and you’re likely to see something you never have before.

Hiking in Mauritius is also a big draw, and you’ll find the best of them in Black River Gorges National Park, which offers scenic treks for all ability levels. We’ll hip you to the rest of the country’s great outdoor activities, as well as how to do Mauritius on a budget — since some of those honeymoon-fantasy locales can be costly. Last thing? We’ll tell you why this place is worth visiting, even if you didn’t just get married.

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