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No, Togo is not the birthplace of your favorite fast-casual sandwich chain.

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Rather, it's a beautiful coastal country resting between Benin and Ghana on the Gulf of Benin. Its capital of Lome is a frenetic slice of West African culture, where you can stroll the Grande Marche and buy pretty much anything you want. Feeling adventurous? Find the Akodessewa voodoo market, the biggest one in Africa — one that surprisingly doesn’t try and scare tourists away.

You can also visit the old capital city of Aneho and learn its past as a slave port and German colonial center. Then there's whale-watching in the gulf, hiking through the hills near Kapilme, and so many watersports. Post up at the Hotel le Lac on Lake Togo, where you can spend your days water-skiing and sailing until sunset. If you’re not the luxury-resort type, you’ll find no shortage of palm-lined beaches in Togo either, namely Robinson Plage and Le Ramatou. Nope, definitely not sandwiches.

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