Protect Your Bike: Kryptonite Evolution Mini

by Austin Chu Aug 18, 2009
Bike security that fits in your backpocket.
Photo: Kryptonite

Wear a helmet when you ride your bike to prevent brain damage. Bring a Kryptonite Evolution Mini to prevent mental depression from bike theft.

There are a variety of bike locks on the market and a million excuses not to buy an expensive lock. There are also a lot of locks still attached to parking meters without a bike.

Do the math.

It’s a daily concern for riders around the world. However, the Kryptonite Evolution Series will ease worry, at least temporarily. Bikes are never truly safe from theft.

The Kryptonite Evolution Mini has a security rating of 9/12 . It features a 13mm steel shackle that is resistant to bolt cutters and is reinforced with a cylinder cross bar.

The new design has a redesigned disc-style cylinder to defend against leveraged attacks. The lock is also small and mobile enough to fit in a riders’ bike pocket or belt loop.

The Evolution Mini includes three keys, a mini light, a bike mount, and insures a bike up to $2000 USD

To learn more about securing bikes, check out Kryptonite’s “How To” Guide To Locking Bikes.

Ultimately, the best way to prevent bike theft is a cheap bike and a very expensive lock.

Cost: $60 | Where to buy:

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