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Japanese Toylets a Hit or Miss

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by Michelle Schusterman Jan 24, 2011
Sega’s new urinal game is trying not to make a splash.

The Guardian UK reports that a few bars and arcades in Tokyo are temporarily housing Toylets – urinals with eye-level LCD screens and pressure sensors that feature games to test a man’s accuracy. Each Toylet comes with four games to choose from:

  1. Graffiti Eraser – Wipe the virtual graffiti clean with the stream (I’m already regretting using the word “wipe”).
  2. Mannekin Pis – Named for the urinating boy fountain in Brussels, this game measures the volume of the stream.
  3. The North Wind and The Sun and Me – There’s a girl in a skirt. User’s whiz = wind. The more powerful the wind, the higher up the skirt blows.
  4. Milk From Nose, or Splashing Battle – So very relieved to say this is not a two-player game, as in urinal vs. urinal. Instead, the screen logs the strength of the previous user’s stream and challenges the next to…pee harder, I guess.

The Toylets aren’t a permanent fixture; Sega has stated they’re only available until the end of January. While the idea is supposedly to encourage men to aim straight and keep the surrounding area clean, CNET points out that “this seems to be an attempt to get you to pay a little more attention to advertisers, whose pitches will be released intermittently between the streams of action.”

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