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These Are the 10 Best Beaches in Sardinia

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by Claudia Tavani Oct 8, 2016

Narrowing down the best beaches in Sardinia is no easy task, even for someone who lives there. Whether you’re into long and sandy beaches or smaller coves surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and cliffs, these picks are sure to get your wanderlust going.

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1. Cala Sabina

 Cala SabinaPorto Torres, ItalyThe gorgeous Cala Sabina is located on the island of Asinara, a former sanatorium then high security prison and currently a highly protected national park. Nobody but the park rangers and a bunch of wild boars, donkeys and foxes live on the island, which can be explored by bike or hiking. Cala Sabina is one of the busiest beaches, and when it gets crowded it can count a whopping 20 people around.

2. Is Aruttas

 Is AruttasCabras, ItalyFamous for its tiny, white quartz pebbles, Is Aruttas is located on the west coast of Sardinia, not far from Oristano. Its waters are immediately deep and here turquoise give way to a deeper shade of blue. The presence of rocks make it a fun place for snorkeling too.

3. Spiaggia del Principe

 Spiaggia del PrincipeArzachena, ItalyInternationally acclaimed Emerald Coast, in the north east of Sardinia, is home to many gorgeous beaches. Spiaggia del Príncipe is one of them. It’s a small cove, surrounded by hills covered in Mediterranean vegetation and characterized by clear shallow waters.

4. Cala Goloritzé

 Cala GoloritzéBaunei, ItalyNot only one of the best beaches in Sardinia, but in the world, Cala Goloritze is a UNESCO protected site thanks to its uniqueness. It can only be reached via a 90 minutes hike from the Golgo Plateau and there’s a small fee to pay to access. The water is very cold due to the fresh water springs that from the cliffs around get directly in the sea. Goats from the surrounding hills often get down too, to enjoy a drink of fresh water – much to the amusement of people.

5. Poetto

 PoettoCagliari, ItalyPerhaps not the best beach in Sardinia per se, but definitely one of the best urban beaches in the world, Poetto is the main beach in Cagliari. An incredibly long, sandy beach is surmounted by the scenic promontory of Sella del Diavolo (devil’s saddle). Behind the beach, the beautiful natural oasis of Molentargius is a great park for a walk and a fantastic spot to observe the local fauna. In recent years Poetto has undergone lots of improvement works. A biking and running trail runs along the beach, which can be reached by public transport too.

6. Costa Rei

 Costa ReiMuravera, ItalyFew beaches can compete with Costa Rei when it comes to beauty. Located at about one hour drive from Cagliari, on the south east coast of Sardinia, this long beach gas fine golden sand and clear waters. It is easily accessible and nevertheless gorgeous.

7. Spiaggia di Cala Monte Turno

 Spiaggia di Cala Monte TurnoCastiadas, ItalyThis lovely cove on the south east coast of Sardinia is known for its clear shallow waters and fine sand. Surmounted by a promontory and with a Mediterranean vegetation forest behind, it’s a great place for swimming and snorkeling, making it one of the best beaches in Sardinia.

8. Punta Molentis

 Punta MolentisVillasimius, ItalyOne of the many beautiful beaches near Villasimius, despite its not so easy access Punta Molentis can get incredibly crowded during the summer. Visitors fall in love with its clear waters and the amazing view from above. For best enjoyment go in May or late September.

9. Cala Pira

 Cala PiraCastiadas, ItalyCala Pira is a favorite of locals thanks to its incredibly clear waters and the gorgeous views that can be enjoyed from the Spanish tower located on its western side. It can get very crowded during peak season, so make sure to go either in May, June or September for better enjoyment.

10. Cala Domestica

 Cala DomesticaCampello sul Clitunno, ItalyThis gorgeous cove is located on the south west coast of Sardinia. The bluest sea carves its way through a fjord, and the beach is surrounded by beautiful sand dunes. An easy path leads to the Spanish tower that surmounts the hill on the west of the beach. The views from up there are stunning.

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