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The 10 Best Ways to Show Wisconsin Off to Out-of-Towners

by Megan Henning Jul 27, 2016

Wisconsinites know we have it made, and yet most people don’t have Wisconsin high on their list of vacation destinations. But if one of your friends from another part of the country, or another part of the world, decides to make a trip to America’s Dairy Land, here are some ways to make it so they’ll leave singing Wisconsin’s praises.

1. Take them to Lambeau Field.

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The most obvious choice, and the easiest way to impress, is to take them to the greatest stadium in the NFL. No stadium in the NFL boasts more history or better fans. Even if it’s the off-season, a stadium tour is sure to impress!

2. Spend some time in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee is not appreciated enough for the great city that it is. The Milwaukee Art Museum has been ranked the Sexiest Building in the World. Add to that Milwaukee’s spy-themed bar Safe House, great brewery tours, Lake Michigan, The Brewers, the Bucks and the Bronze Fonz and you’re visitor might just consider a change of address.

3. Visit the Wisconsin Dells.

How a state that is cold nine months of the year became home to the Waterpark Capital of the World remains a mystery, but it’s in Wisconsin and it’s awesome! The Dells is home to Noah’s Ark, America’s largest waterpark which features a waterslide that loops riders upside-down and competing Mount Olympus which boasts a joint water and theme park. Add to that the Dells themselves all kinds of boat tours, zip lining, the world famous Tommy Bartlett show and the best fudge you’ve ever tasted. The Dells has something for everyone! Even in the wintertime, there are so many indoor parks and attractions, including indoor surfing, you still won’t get to everything on the list!

4. Take them to Madison.

In addition to being a city full of trendy bars and restaurants, Madison’s capitol building in the most impressive of all the 50 states. It has the largest dome in the US and one of the largest in the world! Afterwards, a Badger game is sure to be a great time.

5. In the summer, go for a swim in Lake Michigan!

From Milwaukee to Door County, Lake Michigan is a beautiful and impressive sight any time of year and a trip to Door County is a great way to get away from it all.

6. In the winter, try curling.

More than likely, this one has not been on your radar, but it’s a great option for those wintertime visitors. Wisconsin has the second highest amount of curling clubs in the country and is home to the United States Curling Association. Curling clubs around the state feature open houses for new curlers to come and try, and what better way to bond with your friend by sliding around on some ice and learning something new!

7. Stay in a cabin.

There’s a reason so many Chicagoans go “up north” to Wisconsin for the weekend. With access to over 15,000 lakes including two of the largest lakes in the world, plus the Mississippi, Wisconsin, and Fox rivers, Wisconsin has so much coastline to play with your guest will think our state is on the coast!

8. Grab a bite at a cheese factory.

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Wisconsin cheese is the best and Wisconsinites know it. Our state produces more than 600 different kinds of cheese. Nothing beats the look on someone’s face as they experience their first fresh squeaky cheese curd. With over 100 cheese factories and specialty stores, you’re bound to drive by some while showing off our great state.

9. Grab a drink at a brewery.

Milwaukee is Brew-city and is a great place to start, but we have over 100 Breweries in total. So go ahead, grab some beer with your cheese!

10. Go to Culver’s.

While on the subject of food and drink, your visitor will not understand frozen delights until they’ve tasted the sweet sweet heaven that is a Culver’s custard. Not soft serve, not fro yo, but so much more!

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