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10 Dead Giveaways You’re From Michigan

by Alyssa Brillinger Nov 15, 2016

You’ve hit a deer, been hit by a deer, or at the very least have been riding shotgun and screamed, “Don’t hit that deer!”

That time your little sister commented on the cute deer just lying on the side of road watching the cars, you didn’t have the heart to tell her what was really going on.

You’ve raised money doing pop can drives.

And you know to pay special attention to who is throwing the biggest Labor Day or Fourth of July parties. Those are the houses you are going to want to hit the day after. You can make some serious cash turning in those beer bottles.

You call people “Yoopers” and “Trolls”.

You know which one you are, and you make fun of the other one. (A Yooper lives in the U.P., the Upper Peninsula. Us trolls live in the Lower Peninsula, south of the Mackinac Bridge.)

You’ve made at least one Spring Break migration to Florida.

And you spent 20 plus hours in the car to get there. It’s a Michigander Rite of Passage.

You don’t blink an eye during a snowstorm when there are two inches of black ice on the road and no visibility.

And you’ve felt that unhealthy level of road rage mounting when the driver in front of you thinks the conditions warrant only 45 miles per hour.

Your slightly nasally, various consonant-dropping accent.

Though they may not be able to place your Michigan accent, people definitely notice it. What is that? Minnesota? Canada? Chicago? Nah, I’m from Granrrapids, Michigan.

You break out the shorts at the first sign of spring.

Is that a crocus popping through those gray, snow remains? I don’t care if it’s March. SHORTS WEATHER!

You immediately use your hand as a map to show out-of-staters where you’re from.

It’s so ridiculously convenient. Why not use it? Here is Detroit. This is Traverse City.

You own something with the state outline on it.

It might be a t-shirt, a Christmas ornament, a cheese tray, or something as modest as a bumper sticker. But you definitely have something.

Michigan/Michigan State games have divided your family.

But everyone bonds together with chanting “oh how I hate Ohio State”.

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