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10 of the Most Beautiful Spots in Kansas

Kansas Galleries
by Katie Scott Aiton Sep 22, 2016

1. Maxwell Wildlife Refuge, Canton

Photo: Weldon Schloneger/Shutterstock

2. The Arkansas River, Hutchinson

Photo: Robert D Brozek/Shutterstock

3. Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

Photo: Ricardo Reitmeyer/Shutterstock

4. Monument Rocks, Gove County

Photo: Jeff Kuhlman/Shutterstock

5. River Ponds area below the dam at Tuttle Creek Lake

Photo: Jcoff/Shutterstock

6. The Flint Hills, eastern Kansas

Photo: Tommy Brison/Shutterstock

7. Leoti, Wichita County

Photo: Image Source Trading Ltd/Shutterstock

8. Battle Canyon, just outside the Scott Lake

Photo: Robert D Brozek/Shutterstock

9. Symphony in the Flint Hills

Photo: windcoast/Shutterstock

10. Kansas sunset windup

Photo: Scott Book/Shutterstock

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