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10 Things You'll Get Addicted to Living in NYC

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by Yulia Denisyuk Dec 16, 2015

1. Uber Eats

When you need cheap lunch quickly, you reach for your Uber app. Uber Eats curates a new local joint each day, and using it is a way to keep abreast with the dining scene in the city of more than 23,000 restaurants. Besides, it is fun to track the movement of a dude on a bicycle headed towards you with food.

2. Your headphones

A distinguishing feature between New York locals and visitors is a set of headphones, the invisible shield of New Yorkers. You won’t leave home without it and will wear it the whole time you’re out, not only to catch up on the latest Serial episode but also to avoid interacting with the slightly crazed fellow New Yorkers

3. Flat white from Seven Grams Caffe in Chelsea

Because it is simply perfect.

4. Avocado toast from The Butcher’s Daughter in Nolita

You knew avocados were great before you came to New York, but you developed an acute obsession after being exposed to avo juice, smoothie, shake, mousse, avo fries. Still, nothing compares to the simplicity of avocado toast, which you devour during Saturday brunch in Nolita along with the Goddess of Green juice. It also helps that your brunch is aesthetically pleasing to feed your other obsession, Instagram. #avocadoobsession

5. The view from The Press Lounge

Particularly in the summer, when the streets are breathing with heat, you escape to one of the city’s trendiest rooftops, Adam Block’s classy Press Lounge in Hell’s Kitchen. Located above Ink48 between 11th Avenue and 48th Street, it offers unobstructed views of the city, opening up to the neons of Times Square and the jagged Manhattan skyline to the East and the tranquil waters of the Hudson to the West.

6. Fast­-food ramen from Kobeyaki on 7th Avenue

Pork belly ramen from Kobeyaki is as close to Japanese street style ramen as you can get on this side of the globe. Its hot fatty broth with thick long noodles and generous strips of pork belly have been known to induce afternoon naps under the office desk.

7. Visits to Boom Boom Brow Bar in the West Village

Because you are obsessed with brows and so is the team at the Boom Boom Brow Bar.

8. Pho Ga at New Tự Do in Chinatown

This unassuming Vietnamese shop on Bowery is easy to miss, but once you stumble upon it, you come for its spicy pho ga every time you visit the area.

9. Barre classes at Equinox

You need to work out five times a week just to keep up with all your meals out. Barre classes at Equinox become as much a routine as brushing your teeth, because you get addicted to beautiful instructors, modern equipment, and an avocado smoothie at the end of the session. You also secretly hope that barre helps you look like one of many models strolling around Lower Manhatten.

10. Cheap, fast, and convenient subway

You become a driving neanderthal after living in New York for some time. You can’t imagine life without an affordable way to get anywhere on your two feet, and recall hours you used to spend stuck in traffic with a shudder. Because the subway system carries more than 8.7 million people on an average weekday, you even get used to the endurance of the daily rush hour squeeze.

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