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11 Epic Spots That Prove Morocco May Be the World's Most Underrated Place to Travel

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by Carmen Huter Oct 19, 2016

Morocco has a vibrancy that lingers in your memory long after you’ve left. From the route of a thousand kasbahs — the Dadès river — to the deep blue village of Chefchaouen, this country will blow your mind.

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1. Erg Chebbi

 Erg ChebbiMerzouga, Moroccogolden hour in the Sahara

The legend goes something like this: A well-off family denied support to an underprivileged woman and her son, which left God deeply upset. So he buried them under the dunefields of Erg Chebbi. This majestic rose-gold wealth of sand is now better known as one of Morocco’s two dream desert destinations.

2. Djemaa el-Fna

 Jemaa el-FnaMarrakech, Moroccoreminiscing back to Marrakeshi days out

 Djemaa el-FnaMarrakesh, Moroccothe lower the sun, the more bustle you will run into

3. Beldi Country Club

 BELDI COUNTRY CLUBMarrakech, Morocco💦

A quick taxi ride out of Marrakesh will quickly recharge you after dusty medina walks. Think a sea of roses (15,000 to be precise), picture-perfect intimate pools, tropical greenhouses playing classical music, free-standing outdoor bathtubs, on-site potteries, and mouth-watering food.

4. Chefchaouen Medina

 Chefchauoen MedinaChefchaouen, MoroccoMonday blues

With its lush surrounding countryside (with excellent walking trails!), the bluer-than-blue village of Chefchaouen will leave you inspired for years.

5. Khamlia

 KhamliaErrachidia Province, MoroccoA visit to a Moroccan Berber family, the country’s proud indigenous people, will open eyes and hearts.

6. Dades Valley

 Dades ValleyProvince de Chefchaouen, Moroccothe route of a thousand kasbahs

The route of a thousand kasbahs — the Dadès river — leads you through a gorge like no other. Just when you think you’ve seen enough limestone pinnacles and volcanic rock formations for years to follow, a fertile oasis appears around the corner.

7. Hassan II Mosque

 Hassan II MosqueCasablanca, Moroccowhen in Casablanca, a visit to this impressive place of worship is a definite

Its 210m-high minaret is the world’s tallest, while, overall, its space for 25,000 worshippers inside and another 80,000 in the courtyards makes it the world’s third largest mosque. Don’t forget to look up and marvel at the delicate carvings carefully patterned by no less than 6,000 craftspeople. Dress respectfully and have your shoulders and knees covered at all times.

8. Jardin Majorelle

 Jardin MajorelleMarrakech, Morocco“Marrakech taught me colour.” Yves Saint Laurent

Whether the tumult of the medina is having the best of you or not, an escape to this artistic paradise gifted to Marrakesh by no other than the great Yves Saint Laurent will do you good either way. Beat the crowds and come early.

9. Dar el Mahkzen

 Dar el MahkzenFès, MoroccoThey say doors will be opened for those who are bold enough to knock. It didn’t work for me this time, but I’ll keep on trying. 😉

Fès. A grittier, more pompous pendant to Marrakesh not to be missed.

10. Tanger

 MedinaTanger, Moroccothe colours of Tangier

Tanger is a fantastic gateway to either Spain or Morocco’s coastline. Be sure to head to the white-washed town of Asilah for a day or two.

11. Medina

 MedinaAsilah, MoroccoGreece or Morocco?

Soak up the sun and reminisce on your Moroccan adventures for a grand finish.

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