11 Food Experiences to Have in Rhode Island Before You Die

Rhode Island Insider Guides Food + Drink
by Hillary Federico Jan 29, 2016

1. Dessert at Pastiche

This little joint rocks a menu of tarts, cookies and cannolis; even Bostonians have been known to ditch Mike’s Pastry and brave I-95 for an after-dinner sweet.

2. Coffee at Dave’s

Located in a mauve 1740s farmhouse off Route 1 in Charlestown, this coffee shop is hard to miss even without the line of parked cars stretching as far as the eye can see. Grab a spot on one of their retro seats and purchase a bottle of coffee syrup before you leave.

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3. An Awful Awful at Newport Creamery

A concoction of whole milk, flavored syrup, and “secret” frozen ice milk.

4. Del’s at Dusty’s (After a Day at the Beach)

This not-quite-a-lemonade, not-quite-a-granita drink is available in two flavors – lemon and watermelon.

5. Johnnycakes at Kenyon’s Gristmill

Johnnycakes – little pancake-like cornmeal patties – have been a staple in Rhode Island for centuries. Made from stone ground white corn meal, hot boiling water or milk, and a little bit of sugar and salt, they’re best served straight off the griddle and at Kenyon’s Gristmill.

6. Oysters at Matunuck Oyster Bar

Everything at Matunuck Oyster Bar is farm-raised and wild-caught. Try the “Buck a Shuck” ($1 oysters and littlenecks). No reservations are accepted, but it’s worth the wait.

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7. Stuffed quahogs

The clam meat gets chopped up and mixed with bread crumbs, herbs, and finely diced onion, bell pepper, and celery. The whole savory mess is then baked in a clam shell.

8. Pretzels and a Brew at The Malted Barley

Cheddar-stuffed jalapeño pretzels + a side of apricot butter + 30+ beers on tap.

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9. Iggy’s Doughboys

Iggy’s has been around since the 1920s. Now, with the addition of their creamery, you can enjoy the same deep-fried deliciousness with a side of ice cream.

10. New York System Hot Wieners

Don’t call them hot dogs and don’t ask for ketchup – These are the cardinal rules at Olneyville New York System. Order one “all the way”.

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11. Coffee cabinet at Delekta’s Pharmacy in Warren

What others in New England might call a milkshake or a frappe, here in Rhode Island it’s known as a cabinet.

Featured image by Dave’s Coffee.

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