In the words of American astronomer, cosmologist, and astrophysicist Carl Sagan, “Our home is called Earth. It is but a tiny dot in the black empty void of space, a speck of dust in a sunbeam, and no more than that, in the infinite vastness of time and the ever expanding universe.”


If the moon was replaced by Saturn

"The rings would stretch nearly from horizon to horizon." Image and caption: Ron Miller


The Milky Way

All the stars we can see from Earth (without the help of a telescope and under ideal conditions) are located within the yellow circle. Image and caption: Vox via NewScientist


If North America was on Jupiter

"Jupiter is the king of the solar system [...] It is over 11 times the diameter of our planet." Image and caption: John Brady


The size of the Sun compared to the Earth

"Across the Sun’s disk you could fit 109 Earths side by side, and to fill the Sun’s volume would take 1,300,000 Earths." Image and caption: John Brady


The size of the stars outside our solar systemy

The Sun is big, but not big enough to take VV Cephei (panel 6). Image: David Jarvis


The Earth, from Mars

"The distance between Earth and Mars when Curiosity took the photo was about 99 million miles (160 million kilometers)." Image and caption: NASA


Pluto's orbit through history

All of US history fits in one Pluto-year. Image: NASA


There are over 100,000 galaxies near the Milky Way

"The Milky Way is part of a broader supercluster called Laniakea." Image and caption: Vox via Natue Video


Distance from the Earth to the Moon

You can fit all of the planets in our Solar System in between the Earth and the Moon. Image: CapnTrip