11 Must-Do Experiences in New York

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by Matador Creators Sep 21, 2016

YOU COULD SPEND A LIFETIME IN New York and still only see a tiny fraction of what the city has to offer. You probably don’t have that much time to give to the city that never sleeps, so we dipped into our new travelstoke app and pulled out 11 of the absolute, can’t-miss experiences everyone should have in NYC.

1. See pretty much every great painting ever at the MoMA.

The Museum of Modern Art

New York, United States

The starry night at Museum of Modern Art

2. Read and people-watch in the Conservatory Garden

The Conservatory Garden

New York, United States

Northeast in Cental Park, just south of Harlem Meer, check out this formally manicured garden. #free #bringabook

3. Get your Teddy Roosevelt on at the Explorer’s Club

Explorers Club

New York, United States

It’s like waking into “The Most Dangerous Game” minus the rich guy who tries to hunt people. This place houses the artifacts from every important expedition in history such as the sled used to get to the North Pole in 1908. FYI, in 30 years when I’m a member of this place, this will be my chair. #dibs #history

(It’s a private club, but they do occasionally host public events)

4. Buy something cool at Bushwick Flea

Bushwick Flea

Brooklyn, United States

Quaint little flea market in a pretty untouched neghborhood. Kind of pricey, but I found snazzy sunglasses for a decent price. Check out some street art on your walk from the L train!

5. Take in the Street Art on Canal Street

Canal Street NYC

New York, United States

Best of NYC street art: Garcia Lorca mural directly off of Canal Street heading west from Little Italy
#free #gallery #history

6. Stock up on travel books at Idlewild Bookshop

Idlewild Books

New York, United States

My go-to spot when I want to fan the flames of my #wanderlust :) #bookstore #hideaway #calm #nyc #escape # #free #travel #worldliterature #literature

7. Walk the High Line

The High Line

New York, United States

If the weather is nice, a walk along the High Line is a great way to spend a day in NYC. Lots of food and shops along the way, and the new Whitney is at the southern end. #free

8. Pay your respects at the World Trade Center

World Trade Center

New York, United States

The new, rebuilt Twin Towers 15 years later. Impressive. #memorial #history

9. Walk across one of the great engineering wonders of the world

Brooklyn Bridge

New York, United States

Walk across this bridge that connects Manhattan and Brooklyn. Completed in 1883, and took 13 years to build, it’s one of the oldest hybrid cable stayed / suspension bridges In the USA.

10. Imagine a better world at the UN Headquarters

United Nations Headquarters

New York, United States


11. Be a tourist atop the greatest building in the world

Empire State Building

New York, United States

Heading to Mew York? One of several places to snag a stellar view of NYC is the classic Empire State Building.

Although it is a “touristy” thing t do, the question you have to ask yourself is “when was the last time you did something I your own city?”

Honestly, the best time to visit the building is in off season. No waiting and no lineups.

Oh!!! And bring your camera! Happy shooting.

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