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11 Reasons You Should Never Visit Ohio

by Matt Hershberger Jun 17, 2015

EVER HEARD SOMEONE REFER TO OHIO as a flyover state? They’re totally right. You should never visit the Buckeye state. Here’s why:

1. The theme parks are just insanely boring.

2. We’re going to ruin marching bands for you.

3. The variety of good beer is going to give you lifelong, crippling indecision.

Bringing a few friends to @clesummercamp on 8.2! Tickets at

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4. You’re going to get confused about what real chili is.

It’s Skyline time!

A photo posted by Skyline Chili (@skyline_time) on

5. Your irony receptors will explode.

6. There’s just no music scene to speak of.


A photo posted by Kid Cudi ☁️ (@officialindicud) on

The Parade the Circle puppets are bringing the boogie! Fireworks start at 8pm! #RockHall2015

A video posted by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (@rockhall) on

7. Water sports aren’t your scene.

Living the good life👌 #ohio #kayak

A photo posted by Sarah Caywood (@sarahkwood14) on

8. The scenery is lame.

A little bit of an edit but west side #ohioscenery #ohio_portsmouth_pictures

A photo posted by Ohio Scenery (@ohio_portsmouth_pictures) on

9. Ohioans don’t know how to throw a party.

Looks like one big crazy party

A photo posted by David Gifreda (@davidgifreda) on

10. It’s just a wasteland for sports fans.

11. There’s no culture.

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