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11 Things Us Arkansans Always Have to Explain to Out-of-Towners

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by Zacil "Sassy" Nash Sep 22, 2015

1. The difference between wet/dry/moist counties.

Wet counties: There are liquor stores, and alcohol is easily accessible. Dry counties: There are no liquor stores, and alcohol is not accessible. Moist counties: There are no liquor stores, but you can get a drink at a private club/restaurant. Basically, plan ahead when road-tripping here.

2. Our deal with cheese dip…

Taking it so far past Velveeta and Rotel, we have a World Cheese Dip Championship hosted in October at SoMa Little Rock. Cheese dip is an actual staple in the Arkansas diet, and preference goes to Stoby’s.

3. And with catfish.

Always fried, always often. Catfish is not only for the Fry-Fridays get-togethers, it’s the main entrée of any celebration along with hush puppies, cole slaw, greens, and pickles. Dare I go so far as to say that catfish unites us?

4. Woo Pig Sooie!

Trust me, it’s a big thing here. The University of Arkansas sports team is the Razorbacks. We cheer for them by calling “Woo Pig Sooie.” Just roll with it and know that the next time you see #WPS trending, it must be because the Razorbacks are playing football.

5. The urgent necessity of milk and bread when it snows.

All of Arkansas shuts down if it snows. At the sight of the first snow flurry warning, the locals run directly to Walmart to stock up on Great Value milk and sliced bread. Even if they don’t usually drink milk or eat that bread. It’s just snow flurry warning tradition.

6. That it may be spelled A-r-k-a-n-s-a-s, but for God’s sake it’s pronounced /Ar-ken-saw/.

Do they not teach basic US Geography in elementary school anymore?

7. Toad Suck.

This is an awesomely-named annual festival held on the first weekend of May in Conway, AR near the Toad Suck Ferry Lock and Dam. The legend of the name goes that boatmen traveling on the Arkansas River stopped in Perry Co. to wait for the lower water level to continue their travels. As they waited, they hung out at a nearby tavern and they “suck[ed] on the bottle until they swell up like toads.” What does this mean for you? Food, arts, music, and toad races.

8. Why we’re a “Natural.”

Arkansas is super underrated when it comes to outdoor adventure. Just start with the Buffalo River, Buffalo River Trail, and assorted climbing and bouldering areas nearby. Or the Ouachita Forest. Remember that the Ozarks are essentially the tail of the Appalachians, and while we don’t get the press of Western North Carolina, there are little pockets of wilderness here are as pretty an anywhere you’ve ever seen.

9. Chocolate Gravy is as great as it sounds.

Chocolate gravy on a biscuit is our breakfast of champions, and it’s even better when found in a Mom and Pop breakfast dinner like Jones’ Family Restaurant.

10. Petit Roche.

Little Rock gets its name from the small rock formation on the South bank of the Arkansas River in the Central part of the State, next to the big rock. If you are on any of the bridges or by the walking path on the south part, you can see the rock formation.

11. Bill Clinton is not the only famous person from Arkansas.

Johnny Cash, Scottie Pippen, Douglas McArthur, Al Green, Wes Bentley and many others are as well. And some famous people like Al Capone and Sam Walton lived in Arkansas.

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