The 12 Best Hangover Cures in Boston

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by Dayana Aleksandrova Nov 18, 2015

1. French toast at Steve’s Kitchen.

A mythical hole in the wall diner in Allston, stumbling upon Steve’s kitchen will make you feel like Ali Baba upon discovering Sesame. Steve’s french toast is heavenly, with its fluffier than clouds texture, each of the slices tasting like fresh, flavorful egg, soothing the pounding headache from the night before when you had too many beers around the corner at TITS.

Boy, do I love #breakfast! Nothing better than a #delicious toast and eggs after a hard #workout 💪🏽😋 What’s on your #morning plate? #bbg #Boston #cleaneating #usa #fitfam #foodie #wanderlust #fitness #toast #pancakes @bostoneatss @bestfoodboston

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2. Wake N Bacon at Tasty Burger.

I once walked for 5 blocks barefoot and hungover, just to get a bite of this juicy, tasty patty, covered in melted cheese. Let this glorious burger take away the pain of the three pong games you lost at Harvard the night before.

3. Crispy calamari at Barracuda Tavern.

Because nothing kills hangover quite like crispy, fried calamari! Barracuda gets theirs fresh from the Atlantic and slathers them in delicious, spicy sauce. Talk about treating yourself for stupid decisions!

Beautiful plate of crispy calamari with roasted cherry peppers and aioli 😍 #boston #wanderlust #bbg @bestfoodboston

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4. Buffalo chicken pizza at Pizza Days.

Pass me a slice of buff chick and feed me some advil. Let the grease absorb the residual booze in your body and slowly nurse you to sleep.

Perfect end to a day rager #sorrynotsorry #bbg #pizza #lategram @bostoneatss Check this place out- they make their pizzas fresh on the spot, so good @thebostonfoodparty @bostonfoodies @feedmeboston

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5. Fried chive dumplings and steamed shumai at Thaiplace.

Crunchy, crispy and flavorful, the chive dumplings will give a gentle sensation of satiety and warmth to your growling stomach, while the shumai will make you question whether you’re being pet by an angel or weather it’s just the fluffy, steamed goodness of ground shrimp inside a soft dumpling making you feel light as a feather.

6. Ramen at Yume Wo Katare.

Slurp your way back to happiness with a big bowl of fatty, authentic Japanese soup. Make sure to drag your beat up body to Porter Square right at 5, since it’s a first come-first serve type restaurant and you don’t want to be struggling for balance while waiting in an excruciating line.

7. Bloody Mary and wurst plate at Deep Ellum.

Ah, sweet sausage, the tried and true trick for getting a party monkey back on his feet! Bite into the thick, plump body of this grilled sausage and get your health on with the side of brussels sprouts. Make sure to order a Bloody Mary, but be careful – Deep Ellum makes them so good, you might hop right back on the drunk train.

bet this Bloody Mary is lookin’ pretty good right about now. #brunch #sundayfunday

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8. Eggplant fries at Refuge Cafe.

Throw your hippie shades on and seek refuge at the corner of Harvard and Brighton, where fresh ice coffee and eggplant fries with goat cheese will give a hipster nuance to your hangover remedy.

9. Home fries and eggs @Union.

Nothing says comfort food quite like home fries and eggs. Pair that up with Union’s bubbly mimosa and you’ll be golden.

10. Tater tots at Wahlburgers.

These magical fried potato balls are Mark Wahlberg’s gift to fellow Bostonian partiers, conveniently located by Fenway Stadium, always loyal companions to your pre-hangover craft brews at Yardhouse and post-Cask’n’Flagon recovery.

which one looks the best?

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11. Saag Paneer at Punjab Palace.

Remember how mom used to cook for you when you were a kid and tell you everything would be okay? Well, this dish is the equivalent of that, but for reckless grown-ups. A warm stew of herbs, spinach and soft, melty cheese with a side of rice, a bite of saag paneer on warm, fluffy naan will reincarnate your tired soul and get you back on your feet in no time.

YUM! Finally, had some delish Indian food with my girls 😋 @mayshetty @jade_da_wife #garlicnaan #palakpaneer #chickenvindaloo

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12. Chicken/ lamb gyro at Gyro City.

No wonder the Ancient Greek civilization bounced right back into shape after their epic bacchanals. A family-run Greek restaurant, this place has the freshest chicken and hand-cut fries, tightly wrapped in an oven-baked pita, garnished with slightly-spicy sauce, onions and tomatoes.

Sweet dreams are made of #gyro 😍🍟 #boston #bbg #wanderlust

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