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12 Expressions You Need to Learn Before Coming to Rhode Island

Rhode Island
by You Gotta Love Rhode Island Feb 1, 2017

1. “I’ll have 3 all da way…”

The proper way to order wieners at R.I.’s New York System

2. “Where’s the bubbler?”

If you’re thirsty for some water, we don’t call it a water fountain.

3. “Jeet?”

That’s Rhode Island for “Did you eat?”

4. “I’m heading down to the packy.”

The packy is slang for the liquor store in R.I. Other variations include “Cumbys” slang for Cumberland Farms Convenience Store and “Dunks” which is slang for Dunkin Donuts.

5. “I’ll meet you up on da Hill”

Slang for Federal Hill, a section of Providence known for its nightlife and dining, especially Italian cuisine.

6. “No School Fostah, Glosatah”

If it’s snowing, you might hear someone mention this old phrase made popular by late radio DJ Salty Brine when he would read school closures during snowstorms. The cities of Foster and Glocester seemingly never had school.

7. “Let’s go get some Chowdah and Clam Cakes!”

Chowdah is short for clam chowder and clam cakes are an R.I. staple in the summer time.

8. “Take the first exit after the S-Curves.”

RI’ers are famous for giving directions based on landmarks. The S-Curves are a section of highway that curves like the letter S. Some other common landmarks might include Thurbers Avenue Curve, The I-Way, and The Big Blue Bug.

9. “Would you like to order a grindah?”

A grindah is R.I. slang for a grinder. A grinder is a sandwich made on a torpedo roll (similar to a hero or sub in other states).

10. “Wanna go hang out at the track?”

The track isn’t for running. It refers to the gambling casino in Lincoln that years ago was originally a greyhound track.

11. “Let’s grab some dinner downcity…”

There are a lot of great restaurants downcity, which is just our way of saying downtown Providence.

12. “I’m in the mood for some Stuffies!”

Stuffies are a Rhode Island staple, they’re stuffed quahogs (a clam found in New England).

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