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12 Little Things You Miss When You Leave Nuuk, Greenland

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by Tina Egede Jan 26, 2016

1. Watching Tallimanngorneq Unnuppaat Man on Friday night and Piggappaat on Wednesday night.

If you have missed one show, you’d know you can’t participate in any conversations at work the next day.

2. Having raw whale skin for a snack.

My favorite in the whole world! #whaleskin #mattak #foodporn

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The salty soft skin attached to the hard fat with some Aroma added to it, with dried eqaluk on the side right before dinner is the best snack you can imagine.

3. A good coffee in Pascucci.

Photo:   yoberte

Photo: yoberte

The only coffee place who serves the best cappuccino and leffe beer in town. Well, it’s the only café in town, but that’s not the point.

4. Gorging on junk food at Café Chillis when you have a hangover.

#hangover #food #mmmhhh #pizza #cola #coke #sunday #lazy

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You know Cafe Chillis has a bad reputation as the dirtiest restaurant in town, but you still need your “hangover pizza” here on a Sunday.

5. Playing pool at Daddy’s on Thursday night.

#lilleFredag #colorfulnuuk #godthåbbryghus #øl #daddy’s #godøl

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When you can’t wait for the weekend to have a Carlsberg beer, you’d meet up with friends at Daddy’s and shoot some pool until midnight.

6. A walk in the evening to koloni havnen to get some fresh cool air and watch the sunset.

Love my hometown #ocean #view #nature #feetup #relax #bench #loveit #adoreit #lifeisgood

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7. Concerts in Katuaq.

Even if the band sucks, it’s still the place to meet friends and spend the night singing along and dancing until 10 am the next day.

8. Smelling fresh baked Kalaallit Kaagiat at your grandmother’s house.

Kalaallit kaagiliortupajuugama takussagaluarparsi mamaq! 😜 #kalaallitkaagiat

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Our grandmother feeds us the best Greenlandic food and the best raisin cake. We lose too much weight when we haven’t been to her house for a while.

9. Being in nature.

Great grandmother and great grandchild #nature #family #love #greenland

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A single 30-minute walk or a couple of hours sailing with your friends or your own boat on the weekend is all the therapy you need.

10. Bragging about climbing Store Malene in the weekend.

#nuuk #greenland #tattoo #ink #beautiful #country #city #flag #sport #workout

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Everyone has climbed Store Malene at least once, but the more you do it, the more you are considered a fit person.

11. Watching Aurora Borealis on an ice cold winter night.

#auroraborealis #northernlights #wanderlust #greenland #ilovegreenland #beautiful #beapioneer

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Let’s face it, even though we have seen the Northern Lights all our lives, we still hurry to get to a secluded area without any lights nearby and watch them dance in the sky.

12. Camping and cooking all through the “night” in the summer.

Ocean is part of my life #ocean #boat #nature #adventure #greenland #arctic #arcticsummer #reflection

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It never gets truly dark during summer and we always make sure to make the best of it by taking a boat to sail to our grandparent’s summer cottage an hour away from the town.

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