11 of the Sickest Hammock Setups in the World

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by Katie Scott Aiton Oct 19, 2016

No more are hammocks associate solely with beach hangouts, they are a quintessential adventure’s bed – slung up over waterfalls, high up in tree tops, between two walls of ice, and basically anywhere you can secure a hold. These images prove that home does not need to have four brick walls.

Austrian alps

Hanging Out by Sebastian Wahlhuetter on 500px.com

“Enjoying dusk in a hammock far above the ground. The line is an 80m (240 ft) Highline/slackline in the Austrian alps.”

Sebastian Wahlhuetter

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Hammock relaxing on a desert island by Wanderlust Photography on 500px.com

“Sometimes, you just have to escape the world and find yourself on a small sandy island, to contemplate the meaning of life in a hammock.”

Wanderlust Photography

Dürnstein, Austria

your weekend? by Sebastian Wahlhuetter on 500px.com

Sebastian Wahlhuetter

British Columbia

Athabasca Awe by Callum Snape on 500px.com

“Setting up Hammock inside the Athabasca Glacier in Jasper National Park.”

Callum Snape

Campeche, Mexico

Pool bliss. by Diede van Lamoen on 500px.com

Diede van Lamoen

New York City

Working Sunset  by Ron Foster on 500px.com

“New Yorkers are so resourceful…”

Ron Foster


Hammock Caravan by Sebastian Wahlhuetter on 500px.com

“This year the hammock caravan moved along the road to the Tijesno Canyon in Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Drill and Chill Climbing and Highlining Festival.”

Sebastian Wahlhuetter


Ultimate Hammock by Chris  Burkard on 500px.com

“The search for the ultimate hammock spot is complete…”

Chris Burkard

Banff National Park, Canada

Never not hammocking. by Johannes Hoehn on 500px.com

“Never not hammocking…”

Johannes Hoehn


Bruneau Dunes by Hershey Sterling Cross on 500px.com

“Moonless night at the Bruneau Dunes State Park.”

Hershey Sterling Cross

Alberta, Canada


“Some people prefer perfect waves, some prefer epic hikes, and others like to just lounge around…”

Chris Burkard

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