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12+ Spots That Will Make Any New Zealander Proud

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by Carmen Huter Nov 5, 2016

Editor’s note: These spots are all taken directly from travelstoke®, a new app from Matador that connects you with fellow travelers and locals, and helps you build trip itineraries with spots that integrate seamlessly into Google Maps and Uber. Download the app to add any of the spots below directly to your future trips.

1. Otago Peninsula.

 Otago PeninsulaSandymount, New ZealandBlown away atop Otago Peninsula 💨

Dunedin’s great outdoors begin at the Otago Peninsula. Start at the top and go from there.

2. Tasman Glacier.

 Tasman GlacierMount Cook National Park, New ZealandMirror mornings on glacier lakes ❄️

Seeing this glacial lake with its (rapidly disappearing) icebergs and New Zealand’s highest mountain as a backdrop is best done in the early morning hours.

3. Auckland Waterfront.

 The WaterfrontAuckland, New ZealandThe early bird catches the worm. ☀️

Auckland’s waterfront is easily accessible from the CBD. Join the locals for an early morning run or bring your camera gear from some superb long exposure shots.

4. Nugget Point Lighthouse.

 Nugget Point LighthouseAhuriri Flat, New ZealandNew Zealand skies always reward those early birds 🐦

The Catlins are located an hour and a half south of old Dunedin. Start your day at Nugget Point Lighthouse and go South along the coast from there.

5. Purakaunui Falls.

 Purakaunui Falls WalkTarara, New Zealandone of the many rugged treasures tucked away in The Catlins

Despite being tucked away in thick forest, these waterfalls can be reached in less than half an hour from the car park.

6. Piha.

 PihaPiha, New ZealandAuckland escapes

Cross the bridge and continue North from Auckland. Locals flock to Piha on weekends and holidays, meaning it’s best to enjoy on weekdays.

7. Hahei Beach.

 Hahei BeachHahei, New ZealandNew Zealand beach hangs ⛱

Remote beaches (including beach swings) are scattered all across the Coromandel peninsula, 2-3 hours East from Auckland.

8. Tongariro Alpine Crossing.

 Tongariro Alpine CrossingTongariro National Park, New Zealandwhere you at, Frodo?

Start early to conquer the mighty Tongariro Crossing. It’s not uncommon to experience all 4 seasons within a day in this region of New Zealand’s North Island. Come prepared with plenty of layers, water, and food for a full day of exploring. One of the regular shuttle buses will take you back to either your car or Taupo. Book ahead.

9. Lake Taupo.

 Lake TaupoMotutere, New Zealandmy first glimpse at the spectacular Maori rock carvings from @sail_barbary

The Maori Carvings on Lake Taupo started as an art project for a few local students. Now, their significant cultural meaning sees both local and foreign travellers paddling or sailing across the lake to get a glimpse themselves.

10. Whakaipo Lodge.

 Whakaipo LodgeKinloch, New Zealandstar counting in Taupo

Light pollution is a rarity in New Zealand’s rural areas. The grounds around Whakaipo Lodge on the outskirts of Taupo allow for star gazing at the Milky Way.

11. Hooker Valley.

 Hooker ValleyMount Cook National Park, New Zealandgolden hour in the Hooker Valley 💫

The Hooker Valley track has some of the region’s best views across the Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park. During high season (November to February) the easy 2-3h return walking trail sees a sharp rise in visitor numbers. Dawn and dusk make for the best photo opportunities.

12. Te Waihou Putararu.

 Te Waihou PutararuTirau, New Zealand🇳🇿

If you’re short on time, the Blue Spring can also be accessed from Leslie Road (15 min each way). Otherwise, start your half-day adventure from Whites Road.

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