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12 Super Chill Experiences to Have in Prague

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by Katka Lapelosová Oct 4, 2016

You can try cramming in everything there is to do in Prague during your trip, but honestly, the best way to see the city is to take your time and explore its super chill side. After all, you’re in a place where beer is cheaper than water — why rush? Take in the gorgeous architecture at your own pace, savor the cuisine, and when you’re sober, learn a thing or two about the awesomeness that is Czech culture.

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1. Show the French Embassy who’s the boss with your (legal) graffiti.


John Lennon Wall

Prague, Czech Republic

If you’re looking to leave your “tag” in Prague, the John Lennon wall is probably the best place to do it. The mural-turned-graffiti wall is a gorgeous site to see and makes for some really great selfies too. Wear black to stand out.


2. Try dessert for dinner.


Café Savoy

Prague, Czech Republic

Omg Cafe Savoy! Treat yourself to something beautiful and delicious, like their Ovocné knedlíky (fruit dumplings served for dinner). This cafe used to be a favorite hangout for former Czech political activist and president Václav Havel, so you know it’s legit. But really it’s just a beautiful place that feeds you well and makes you feel a little like you’re in Old Prague once more. Try them for breakfast! #fine-dining #coffee


3. Take a cheesy Prague selfie your friends will definitely be jealous of.


most Legií Bridge

Prague, Czech Republic

Definitely the best place to take your cheesy Prague #selfies. But seriously, it’s way less crowded than Charles Bridge and the views are pretty dope. #bridge #landscape #photography


4. Check out David Černý’s babies


Žižkov Television Tower

Prague, Czech Republic

This TV Tower is no longer used for television transmission, and is a general eyesore for the city, but what makes it unique are the bronze monster baby sculptures climbing above you. These were created by David Černý, whose art you can see throughout the city. Below it there is also a nice park with a bar, swings, lawn mgames and even a mini golf course now. #art #park


5. Dig some D&B and art at the same time.



Prague, Czech Republic

The MeetFactory is definitely the place to be if you’re into art, music, fashion, food, and general debauchery. It’s a little hard to get to but so worth the trip, especially if you want to feel like you’re in more of a modern area of Prague. #art #club #dancing #livemusic #musicvenue #electronicmusic


6. Grab vintage Bohemian goodies



Prague, Czech Republic

Grab a beer next to the river as you browse through farmers stalls and vintage clothing markets floating on boats. The vendors are friendly and like to chat. Make sure you come on an empty stomach so you can eat all the things (sausage, honey, ice cream and cider, to name a few) #clothes #souvenirs #cheap-eats #bargins #vintage #fleamarket #farmersmarket


7. Eat the most delicious cake of your life.



Prague, Czech Republic

It’s worth the trek to get to this cozy cafe/art gallery, which also doubles as a coffee museum! Their cakes are to die for and the staff is really warm and welcoming. Try their whiskey cake or a slice of medovník #coffee #cheap-eats


8. Become a Czech art expert.


National Gallery in Prague – Kinský Palace

Prague, Czech Republic

This museum is your best intro into all things Czech art. It’s expansive collection includes older works from the Austro-Hungarian empire, to contemporary Czech works post-communism. The cafe next door is equally awesome. Prepare to spend the whole day here, at least #gallery #history #art


9. Grab some Vietnamese food and people watch.


Jiřího z Poděbrad

Prague, Czech Republic

Relax, people watch, and enjoy the great farmers market or nearby Pho Vietnam, hands down the best Vietnamese food in town. #park #food


10. Have coffee in a Communist living room.


Kaaba Café

Prague, Czech Republic

This retro cafe serves great cafe food (try their open-faced sandwiches and homemade pastries) and plays awesome records (they take requests!). But really I come to feel like I’m sitting in someone’s living room from the 1960s. #cheap-eats #coffee #free-wifi #cafe #lunch


11. Rub up on a 13th-century statue.


Charles Bridge

Prague, Czech Republic

If you are in Prague then you will obviously be visiting this bridge, but my purpose in posting this is to encourage anyone motivated enough to visit it at sunrise. It is the only time to find peace there!


12. Admire the most perfect skyline of Prague with a cold beer.


Letná Beer Garden

Prague, Czech Republic

This is the best view of Prague, hands down. Go at sunset for the best panorama pics, then stay for the beer, card games and currywurst. #view #beer #beergarden


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