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13 Differences Between a Normal Friend and a Friend From Greenland

Greenland Student Work Couples
by Tina Egede Oct 29, 2015


A normal friend will teach you how to say hello and thank you in their language.
A Greenlandic friend will order you to say iggoraarsuk (sexy) or itit (ass) to everyone.


A normal friend would feel strange helping you cut the meat on your plate.
A Greenlandic friend will help you cut the skin of reindeer you just hunted.


A normal friend will warn you that guns are dangerous.
A Greenlandic friend will teach you how to hold and shoot a rifle.


A normal friend asks how to get to the village.
A Greenlandic friend offers you a boat ride to the village.


A normal friend parties until 2am.
A Greenlandic friend will last until at least noon the next day.


A normal friend will warn you about the blizzard coming.
A Greenlandic friend will shrug and go out anyways.


A normal friend cancels plans because there’s no transportation.
A Greenlandic friend shows up walking.


A normal friend speaks one language.
A Greenlandic friend speaks a minimum of three languages. Well.


A normal friend has summer plans that revolve around relaxing at the beach.
A Greenlandic friend has summer plans that include hunting on a three-day hike.


A normal friend will invite you to dinner at a restaurant.
A Greenlandic friend will make you a never-ending homemade feast based on meat that he shot personally.


A normal friend will shake your hand.
A Greenlandic friend will hug you warmly when you say hello and when you say bye.


A normal friend will take you to touristic places when you come to his town.
A Greenlandic friend will take you to his grandparent’s house for dinner.


A normal friend entertains his guests.
A Greenlandic friend will let you be, in order to help make you feel at home.

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