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13 Images That Will Make You Want to Visit Wisconsin

Wisconsin Photo + Video + Film
by Katie Scott Aiton Jul 26, 2016

LOCALS HAVE KNOWN THIS FOR GENERATIONS, but the secret is starting to get out: There’s so much more to Wisconsin than cheese. Bordered by Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan and the waters of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, Wisconsin is known for its diverse topography within the Great Lakes region. Mountain peaks, lakes, rivers and rapids, forests and hot springs, waterfalls and sandy plains — the landscape of for being outdoors. Here’s a few more reasons why Wisconsin is worth a visit.

1. You can enjoy the countryside of the Wisconsin Great River Road.

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2. You can explore the Apostle Island ice caves at Lake Superior, Cornucopia.

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3. And you can respect their stunning beauty in person.

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4. You can wake up to mornings like this in Milwaukee.

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5. Or to scenery like this in Willow River State Park, Hudson.

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6. And of course, there’s always Port Washington.

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7. Enjoy some of the Great Lakes region’s unique architecture. Strole through the grandeur and opulence of The Basilica of St. Josaphat, Lincoln Village, Milwaukee.

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8. You could end your day with a little fishing on Lake Michigan in Manitowoc County.

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9. Sunset hues on Lake Mendota in Madison.

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10. In fact, fall is stunning throughout the state.

fall foliage

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11. Visit the rocky coastlines, such as that of Door County.

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12. Enjoy a the sunset skyline in Madison.

Madison, Wisconsin, cityscape

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13. Stroll down pontoons of Wisconsin’s various marinas.

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