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The 13 Spookiest Named (but Most Beautiful) Places in the World

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by Robin Goode Oct 30, 2016

Names can be deceptive. The following places may sound morbid, but they are actually amazing.

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1. Cutthroat Pass

 Cutthroat PassWinthrop, United StatesGreat hike to Cutthroat Pass just off highway 20 in the North Cascades.
10 miles round trip with 2000 feet of elevation gain. #hiking #camping

2. Diablo Lake

 Diablo LakeRockport, United StatesGreat viewpoint just off the highway in Norh Cascades National Park.

3. Lost Lake Resort

 Lost Lake ResortCascade Locks, United StatesA sweet view of Mount Hood reflecting on the lake? Check. Tent sites, cabins and a general store? Yup, it’s all here. I’ll be back… #mountain #lakes #camping #hiking #photoop

4. Damnation Creek

 Damnation CreekKlamath, United StatesDamnation Creek Trail is a beautiful 4 mile walk through the redwoods. We went early in the morning and had some fog rolling through the trees which made the place extra special.

5. Devil’s Creek Trail

 Devils Creek Trail 305Kenai Peninsula Borough, United StatesAwesome hiking and fall colors. Middle of brown bear country so keep a look out but great opportunity to see bears #hiking #extreme

6. Danakil Depression

 Danakil DepressionAfar Zone 2, EthiopiaThe lowest and hottest place on earth looks like another planet. The colors are incredible and formations could have been the inspiration for a comic book. The sulfuric pools and bubbling geysers are worth the long, hot journey to see. #extreme #Ethiopia

7. Hell’s Gate National Park

 Hell’s Gate National ParkNakuru County, Kenya#hiking #gorge #nationalpark #kenya #hellsgate

8. Hooker Valley Track

 Hooker Valley TrackMount Cook National Park, New ZealandHooker lake is an easy 1 1/2 hr hike from Hooker valley car park. Once you reach the end you are greeted by a perfectly reflected glacier lake with Mt Cook situated right in the middle. End of winter and start or spring is when you can see the most icebergs in the lake. Instagram @capturezeworlr #hiking #snow #lake #hookerlake #mtcook #glacier #reflection #photography

9. Lost Lake

 Lost LakeVail, United StatesTake the time to walk around the lake for the best views of the surrounding mountains. (Don’t forget the bug spray!) Bring a snack to enjoy at this secluded oasis before heading back. Don’t be afraid to jump in to cool off! #hiking #camping #views #scenery #outdoors #vail #colorado

10. Puerta del Diablo

 Puerta del DiabloPlanes de Renderos, El SalvadorA decent hike upto the top, The Devil’s Door gives an amazing landscape view outside of San Salvador. You can take the local bus from San Salvador to get here for a day trip. There’s also rock propelling nearby. #landscapes

11. Badwater Basin

 Badwater BasinInyo County, United StatesThe salt flats in Badwater Basin are 282 feet below sea level. In the summer it is extremely hot walking out on the salt flats. It was about 115 degrees when I was there. Bring lots of water! The salt crystals are really a cool sight to see. If you want you can taste the salt. #nationalpark

12. Lonesome Lake

 Lonesome LakeFranconia, United States#hiking

13. Hooker Falls

 Hooker FallsPisgah Forest, United StatesEasy walk/hike to an expansive rock shore to the river. There are shallow rock “slides” down river, and more proper waterfalls the further up you walk. Plenty of space to sun and chill. #river #swimming #swimminghole

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