Taking the heat - Champagne Pool, North Island

Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland sits in the middle of the North Island, near Rotorua, and is an active volcanic ground.


This is a touristy beach - Tauranga, North Island

Tauranga is a popular tourist destination, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by how few people are on the beaches.


The coastlines - West Coast, South Island

On the coasts of both islands you'll find massive, jutting coastlines covered in green.


A spirit to rebuild - Christchurch, South Island

Christchurch was devastated by a massive earthquake in 2011, made worse by aftershocks for just shy of an entire year. The city is still rebuilding today, with modern design including a mall built from storage containers and incorporation of bike lanes on all roads. Cathedral Square stands as hope for the city to come, but a continued reminder of what the city went through. Reconstruction of the cathedral remains outstanding as citizens disagree on reconstruction vs. demolition.


Getting lost in the trees - Truman Track, South Island

The Truman Track is a quick hike through eerie and beautiful trees to an awesome inlet beach – with no other visitors.


Wide open spaces - Countryside, South Island

There are more sheep than people in New Zealand. And more people in many US cities than the whole of the country. This leads to wide open spaces. On a trip across the South Island I worried that I was going the wrong way because I knew I was supposed to be on a major highway, but hadn’t seen another car for hours.


Pancake rocks - Punakaiki, South Island

On the West Coast of the South Island is Punakaiki Park, home to the infamous “Pancake Rocks,” which are limestone formations celebrating their 30 millionth birthday. If you stick around long enough, you'll see the sea erupt through the blowholes at the park.


A View from above - Sunset from the Skytower, Auckland, North Island

If you want a better view of Auckland, you can go up the Skytower – or better yet, jump off of it.


Modern and bustling - Auckland Skyline, North Island

Auckland is home to about 32% of New Zealand’s small population and it sits right on the water. It's not your average capital city.


Surrounded by color – Port Wakaito, North Island

You don’t have to be visiting a famous landmark to get a great view; here the sunset bounced off the landscape and a colorful roadside building in Port Wakaito, calling for another unscheduled stop to pull over and enjoy the view.


Boat country - Auckland Harbor, North Island

If that's what you're into, you can get out on the water anywhere in the country.


Green is green - Countryside, North Island

The rich and rolling greens of the islands make it difficult to take a road trip without wanting to stop constantly to get pictures of the landscapes.


Big blues skies – Countryside, South Island

Even in the cold and dry winter the New Zealand skies remain blue. You might think you’re in the middle of summer, until you get out of the car and run back for your coat.


Have a nice day - Gorge, North Island

The topography may be stunning in New Zealand, but not as warm as the people. Even the rocks are friendly.