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The 14 Ultimate Food Trucks in California

California Food + Drink
by Kate Oct 20, 2016

While food trucks have been around since the days of the chuckwagon, their current renaissance arguably started in California and continues strong throughout the state. While we await the “threat” of taco trucks on every corner, here’s a few trucks of all stripes to check out.

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Ricky’s Fish Tacos

 Ricky’s Fish TacosLos Angeles, United StatesOne of the best fish tacos north of San Diego. Big portions, tasty sauces, super nice people working the truck. The shrimp taco is even better, and their agua frescas hit the spot on a boiling hot LA day. Sometimes they have specials that aren’t posted on the truck, so check their Twitter or ask. 100% worth the hunt for parking.

Calle Tacos

 Calle TacosLos Angeles, United StatesLet me tell you, I used to hate tacos because I’d never had a good one, until this place. First time out to the west coast and Calle Tacos blew my mind. The fish taco is so fluffy, so crispy, so flavorful that you’ll forget all your worries and beg for more. They’ve got a food truck (because who doesn’t nowadays), as well as a Hollywood Blvd location. #cheap-eats #mexican


 Kogi Food TruckLos Angeles, United StatesThis Korean fusion truck was instrumental in starting the whole food truck thing and is worth seeking out. #cheap-eats

The Korean fusion truck, Kogi, was instrumental in starting the whole modern food truck thing and is still worth seeking out for its fusion tacos when in L.A. The new project from Roy Choi, founder of Kohi, is Locol. Its mission is to bring healthful food to underserved communities, and they’ve opened brick and mortar places in both NorCal and SoCal. Only SoCal so far is blessed with the truck!

Urban Oven

Urban Oven offers Napoli-style thin crusts from a wood-fired oven on wheels and travels widely around Southern California. Other pizza trucks to seek out are Pizza & Co. and Fox Pizza Bus.

San Diego Food Truck

 Food TruckSan Diego, United StatesFood Truck Fish Tacos are a true San Diego staple. 🌮👀


 CoolhausPasadena, United StatesEat the delicious ice cream sandwich as well as the wrapper!

For desert, seek out CoolHaus for ice cream sandwiches. Not only can you eat the sandwich, you can eat the wrapper!

Del Popolo

 Del PopoloSan Francisco, United StatesSome would say SF’s premier pizza truck, Del Popolo is a wood fired pizza oven in a shipping container on a flatbed truck. Usually found at Mint Plaza or Off the Grid on Sundays.

Del Popolo is a wood-fired pizza in a shipping container on a flat bed truck, which can often be found at San Francisco’s Mint Plaza at lunch or Off the Grid on sundays at Marina Green. More pizza at Casey’s, or head to sorta-truck All Good Pizza, with a physical location in Bayview.

Hella Vegan Eats

 Hella Vegan EatsOakland, United StatesDelivers on its name! Carnivores as well as vegans can be found standing in line for their brunches. #cheap-eats

Obviously NorCal based, Hella Vegan Eats delivers on its name in Oakland and SF. Carnivores as well as vegans and everyone in between can be found standing in line for their brunches.


 Wanna-E (Food truck)San Francisco, United StatesA Burmese food truck – make sure to try the tea leaf salad!

Wanna-E is a San Francisco-based Burmese food truck – make sure to try the tea leaf salad!

El Tonayense

 El Tonayense Taco Truck –San Francisco, United StatesConsistently delicious, solid taco truck. You can’t go wrong at this Mission District staple #cheap-eats

For tacos, head to El Tonayense which is consistently delicious, and solid. As with taquerias in the Bay Area, there’s endless debate about which taco truck is the best but you definitely can’t go wrong at this Mission District staple. Other top local taco trucks are Tacos El Gordo or El Gallo Giro.

The Chairman

The Chairman started as a truck in SF, and now has physical locations in both SF and LA as well as a SoCal food truck. Amazing Taiwanese gua bao, also known as buns.

Bowl’d Acai

 Bowl’d AcaiSan Francisco, United StatesHealthy eating and dining at a food truck can be synonymous! Usually found at Mint Plaza and Spark Social during the week, with guest appearances elsewhere.

Healthy eating and dining at a food truck can be synonymous at Bowl’d Acai, serving bowls as well as smoothies and juices. This truck is usually found during the week at San Francisco’s Mint Plaza and Spark Social, with guest appearances elsewhere.

Johnny Doughnuts

 Johnny DoughnutsSan Rafael, United StatesRecently named among the top five doughnuts in the country by the Food Network. Look for one of their three trucks or head to the physical location in San Rafael.

When you’re looking to treat yourself, head to Johnny Doughnuts, recently named among the top five donuts in the country. They pride themselves on creating deliciously different doughnuts made from scratch with real, organic ingredients. They now have a physical location in San Rafael, as well as three trucks. Truly delicious doughnuts!

Soma StrEAT food park

 SoMa StrEat Food ParkSan Francisco, United StatesFood trucks galore!

For multiple trucks in one place, head to an Off the Grid event or to Soma StrEAT food park.

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